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Spotlight: “Guy Guy” video ” feat. Nanaba Tee

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The GH showbiz industry is buzzing with a song entitled; “Guy Guy” by Nana Quame and featuring Nanaba Tee. First, let us talk briefly about theartiste; Nana Quame. When one talks about some of best Ghanaian music stars in history, vocally, the name; Nana Quame is among them. So gifted with a golden voice, hard working, does not rush when it comes to fame, goes with a flow and let his experience in the industry do the talking. He is also grooming many up and coming superstars. One of the music legends who have made it a task in making sure Highlife music never dies but continues to reinvent itself from generations to generations.

Nana Quame, the brain behind the song has released a well produced video of this hit song exhibiting the creative prowess of the director; Steve Gyamfi.

Viewers are taken through a journey; a segment showcasing some of Ghana’s beautiful houses, aerial coverage courtesy of the drome. Then it also fuses humor by the starring role of; Michael Osei Berko. Also not forgetting the special appearance by movie star; Bismark the Joke.

This is a vast contrast to some videos viewers often see either butt shaking or twerking which lack substance. This song has a positive message to spread to the masses so tune it to listen to the music or watch the video.

3gmediaonline.com finally had the opportunity to discuss with superstar what the buzz is about with regards to; “Guy Guy” and why its spreading fast.

This is the story behind “Guy Guy” from the music superstar; Nana Quame;

Many well’ meaning young Ghanaians have undertaken various risky Journeys abroad and yet when such ones arrived home as a Borga they forget suddenly what they have been through to land themselves MONEY and therefore decides to flaunt their cash before young girls who other wise they will NOT be able to court when they were nobody. This New #GuyGuy video is meant to call on such ones to first see the need to save at a Bank or better still invest their hard earned MONEY so as to reap some benefits when they return home. Its my hope that such well meaning advise will be taken with an opened HEART.

So now you heard, sing; Oy3 “Guy Guy”.

Source: Mr. CNN/3gmediaonline.com

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