Diasporian News Mon, 12 Jul 2010

The Second Annual Ghana Parade And Festival

On AUGUST 21, 2010 …HISTORY will be repeated. The SECOND ANNUAL GHANA PARADE and FESTIVAL will be taking place on AUGUST 21, 2010 at CROTON PARK, BRONX, NY.

A collective of dynamic GHANAIAN- AMERICAN professionals decided to join forces to PIONEER the vision of having a PARADE. As strangers their only commonality was their PASSION and PATRIOTISM for their motherland that bound them. They formed an organization called THE NATIONAL GHANA PARADE (NGPC) to make an UNPRECEDENTED EVENT. We will continue to set the FOUNDATION for Ghanaians in and outside of the Diaspora to express pride to a place that has given us our roots and culture and to New York City, mainly the Bronx borough which has the LARGEST population of Ghanaians in the United States.

Our vision is to impact the younger generation of Ghanaians, remind and bring them a sense of home so they can someday return and do their part to better our nation as a whole. We also hope to nurture and inspire Ghanaians everywhere in their continuance of cultural expression and bring awareness to some of the good-will services and contributions they do here in the United States.

NGPC is seeking natives and non-natives of Ghana and requesting their participation to make this years parade another success. We ask that everyone in attendance bring a piece of Ghanaian paraphernalia, whether it’s a flag, an article of clothing, etc. But most importantly, on AUGUST 21st, 2010 at CROTONA PARK in the BRONX, N.Y. we will require YOUR PRESENCE and a fist full of PRIDE to celebrate our culture and give thanks to our homeland in the grandest of ways.


Please visit: http://www.GhanaParadeCouncil.org to donate or sponsor towards this historic event as we continue to make our mark. If you would like to participate in other ways please visit the site for details.

GPC will also have a booth at this year’s NCOGA Picnic on Saturday, August 7th, 2010 at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, N.Y. if you have any questions we can address and also sign you up as a volunteer or participant. LET’S GO GHANA!!!

National Ghana Parade Council ngpc@ghanaparadecouncil.org

Source: National Ghana Parade Council