Ahmed's Murder: Minority must think broadly - NPP

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 Source: Peace FM

The New Patriotic Party has urged the opposition NDC not to politicize the death of undercover investigator Ahmed Hussien-Suale.

According to the ruling party, such conduct could impede the investigation processes by the police and eventually make the perpetrators get away with murder.

Speaking on Okay FM's 'Ade Akye Abia' programme, General Secretary of the party, Mr. John Boadu explained that it is very irresponsible to be pointing fingers at one person who might not even be the perpetrator of the murder.

"We should be more decorous and broad thinking in our discussion to ensure that the murders don't get away . . . Let's allow the police to do their independent investigations and not politicize the death of the boy. The police, when resourced properly is more than capable in resolving the matter," he said.

The Minority in Parliament has insisted Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong should be arrested over the murder of Ahmed Hussien-Suale, an undercover investigative journalist with Tiger Eye P.I.

Speaking at a press conference Monday, former deputy Interior minister and MP for Builsa North James Agalga said, “we call on the law enforcement agencies to promptly cause Mr. Agyapong’s arrest and prosecute him for his actions.”

The Minority arrived at this conclusion following their interpretation of section 20(1) of the Criminal and Other Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29), which reads:

“A person who, directly or indirectly, instigate, commands, counsel, procures, solicit, or in any manner purposely aids, facilitates, encourages, or promotes, whether by a personal act or presence or otherwise, and a person who does an act for the purposes of aiding, facilitating, encouraging, or promoting the commission of criminal offence by any other person, whether known or unknown, certain, or uncertain, commits the criminal offence of abetting that criminal offence, and of abetting the other person in respect of that criminal offence.”

However, Mr. Boadu insists it is too early to blame someone for the death of the investigator.

"Don't forget Ahmed Suale is not the only person he (Hon. Kennedy Agyapong) showed his picture on his TV that has been murdered. There is this other guy who was embroiled in a similar case with Anas and that person has also been murdered, now do we say that Kennedy Agyapong caused his murder?" he quizzed.

"This is not logic, at least, the minority should be broad in their thinking when discussing issues like these," he explained further.

Source: Peace FM
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