Confusion rocks Concerned Teachers Union

Tue, 22 Jan 2019 Source: New Crusading Guide

The decision by the President of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers Ghana (CCTGH), King Ali Awudu to take a personal loan of GH¢150,000 (One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis) from the coffers of the union beyond the accepted threshold has been regarded as illegal and against the rules and regulations of the union.

Some aggrieved officers of the union in a press statement criticized the CCT president’s approval of his personal loan of GH¢100,000 to buy a car (Ford escape 4x4) and another loan of GH¢50.000 to send his wife on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

The statement also criticized King Ali Awudu of approving a loan GH¢60.000 and GH¢30,000 respectively for his General Secretary and Accountant to buy their personal cars without prior approval from the National Executive Council (NEC).

Meanwhile, information gathered reveals that King Ali Awudu has been banned from travelling to Geneva, Switzerland due to the recent visa fraud allegations leveled against him. He is said to have been refused visas on five different occasions as a result of the visa fraud allegations he entangled himself with.

Instead of using poser so graciously given them to better the standard of living conditions of their members and citizens, they greedily use it to amass wealth for themselves, their families and friends. We apologized to the GNAT and NAGRA for any allegation or pronouncement made by us as concerned members on their leaders then.

In fact, GNAT and NAGRAT despite their challenges are far better and will continue to be better than CCT, GH if the current president of CCT, GH continues to lead the CCT, GH.

‘In 2011, we accused GNAT of autocratic leadership style. We accused them of holding meetings in expensive hotels and not being in the classroom, we accused them of frequent dues increment and taking loans from the union funds. Worse things are happening today.

In fact, members have lost their democratic rights for freedom of information and expression in CCT, GH.”

“Some leaders are taking loans even if the previous ones they took have not been paid.

They suspend members for demanding account statements from the union and on alleged Swiss Visa Fraud issues in the union”.

“There is no democracy in CCT, GH now, looting of the union dues and funds and other alleged criminal acts that the CID has taken more than a year to come out with their final reports on the alleged Swiss Visa Fraud is worrying as we the petitioners are considering legal action in court.

It is against this background that we once again apologize to GNAT and NAGRAT leadership for associating ourselves to the allegations leveled against them since 2011.

To those teachers we individually and on corporate duty convinced them to join the CCT, GH, we humbly plead for your forgiveness but the decision is now yours as to whether you will join us as being suspended or stay without complaints”, the statement noted.

His Deputy Communications officer, Gborgbortsi Norbert, is alleged to have accused Ali of threatening to sack him in an intercepted audio because he has a plan to contest the 2020 presidential elections.

Norbert is heard in the audio revealing that King Ali has a lot of filth in his cobwebs regarding some secrete deals he has done and he could bring him down in down weeks because he knows him well too much than he knows himself.” He should go and ask the BNI. Some of them are my friends. Ali is a guy who will tell us a stop a press conference because he is afraid the CID will come and arrest him should we go ahead. All the allegations of Switzerland Visa racketeering leveled against him are true. That is why he is afraid”. Norbert is heard saying in the audio. Norbert Gborgbortsi told BA CCT, GH REC officers that Ali Awudu wanted him out because he does not support certain things the president does.

Norbert Gborgbortsi has started campaigns underground to unseat the CCT, GH president.

The report also has it that NEC is no more NEC due to the hypocrisy of some members.

Meanwhile, a court ruling and CID investigations has vindicated some suspended officers of the union.

Source: New Crusading Guide