I’ll give my wife contracts if she qualifies - Ghana Maritime Authority Boss

Mr Kwame Owusu Ghana Maritime Authority.png Kwame Owusu, Ghana Maritime Authority Boss

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 Source: mynewsgh.com

The Director General of the Ghana Maritime Authority Mr. Kwame Owusu, has said he will continue to give contracts to his relatives because other ministers, Kennedy Agyapong and others are doing same.

“Your issue about the people who did the contract do I have any relationship with them, it tells me how much you like to delve into things. Minister and Heads of State, Kennedy and the rest, they have their brothers as this and that. I know of people and the people are Ghanaians that have their rights to contest a tender and if it is because of that they will not be able to contest, I did not give it to anybody. It was run even outside of me. You are standing here asking questions because somebody happen (sic)to know me they can never do a tender in this organization? Komla that is below the belt. I did not call the guy to go and do, I said it went through tendering and he is a Ghanaian”

Responding to TV3’s Komla Klutse, Mr Kwame Owusu who forced the staff of the GMA to wear T-shirts branded “I stand with Kwame Owusu” allegedly paid for by the company said he doesn’t care if anyone has a problem with his decision to dash contracts to his cousin for the expensive renovation of his private residence.

The embattled Mr Owusu in a press conference held in response to issues of corruption and embezzlement levelled against him over the use of his private hotel for business with the Ghana Maritime Authority said there is nothing wrong with what he did, vowing that when it came to contracts, even if it is his wife under the right disclosures, he would give it to her.

MyNewsGH.com followed the presser.

“Even if my wife was to disclose and tender and she has the capabilities to do something and we shouldn’t give it and give it to our enemies, you are wrong I did not make the decision it was based on numbers Komla. Please let us not delve into trivialities, enough of TV3. You have had enough of your chance.” He barked.

“Komla thank you. I wanted you to have the opportunity because you have been a leader of championing the mischief. In the first place, you even have gone far to take a picture of my hotel and put it out so it is no wonder you are questioning. If you are questioning the integrity of the board, if you are going to question just as you have been doing the integrity of the minister, it is not me to tell you whether the board will be fair or not fair. It is not me Komla to tell you, if you want to go, go to the minister and ask and I don’t know whether you think he should have brought in back contractors. It is not my mandate to determine whether they will be fair or not fair” he said.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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