Kennedy Agyepong will soon run to America - Alhaji Bature

Tue, 13 Jun 2017 Source: mynewsgh.com

Maverick politician Kennedy Agyepong, will soon runaway from the country if the current state of purported insecurity persists, Alhaji Bature Iddrissu, Managing Editor of the Al Hajj Newspaper has asserted.

He said the current insecurity in the country is making Ghana descending into a failed state and Kennedy Agyepong will be among the first batch of persons to vacate the country and lose their investments if security finally breaks down.

“Kennedy Agyepiong will soon leave the country for America. If security breaks down he will lose all his businesses and run to America”, he disclosed on Adom TV on Monday.

Alhaji Bature said the lawlessness in the country involving party vigilante groups has reached its peak calling on security agencies to endeavor to nib such acts in the bud.

“For almost 2 months the MCE for Savelugu has not been able to gain entry into her office because party footsoldiers have locked her out. She operates from the comfort of her home. How can we run a country like that? Look at what is happening at the Tamale Teaching Hospital is that what the NPP and Nana Addo promised Ghanaians”, he asked.

While indicating that the upsurge in lawlessness is as a result of the work of President Nana Ado Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he alleged that he himself is lawless cataloging how he unleashed thugs on members of his own party he disagreed with.

“What is happening in the country is frightening. He sits down here and run down the National Security Minister . The lawlessness is too much. See how vigilante groups are harassing public servants and state institutions. I am telling you that Ghana is on a time bomb. A country is not ruled on violence. There is breakdown of law and order that enforcement of common traffic regulations cannot be done”, he added.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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