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Mahama’s Okada legalisation promise just for votes – Some riders share views

Former President John Dramani Mahama has managed to canvass some attention for himself over the past week for his plans to legalise the Okada business once reelected as president.

Though the Okada business has not been one which is neither revered nor admired, several concerned Ghanaians have described it as risk which must be banned.

Their reason remains that the number of Okada related accidents continue to soar.

GhanaWeb hit the streets of Accra to gauge the mood of some Okada riders and how they have received former President Mahama’s promise so far.

Most riders who spoke to GhanaWeb were not only tired of the promises during the campaign seasons but were also unsure if the former president would actually follow through with the promise once he’s given the chance.

Some said the fact that he did not do anything about it while he was president some few years ago is a clear indication that he has never harboured the intentions to help them.

They insisted that the former president was only up and about his usual promises.

“They arrested our motor bikes in their regime (NDC) and now he said when he comes, he’ll legalize because he needs the votes, he knows that Okada people we’re many, that’s the reason…he wants to use that channel. But the thing is you being president years back, you didn’t legalise why now?” one of the riders at Kwame Nkrumah Circle told GhanaWeb.

However, there were a number of riders who still kept their glimmer of hope alive. They are of the view that John Dramani Mahama has spoken passionately about it thus he can at least attempt to tackle the legalization process.

Another said, “During Mahama’s time, once police arrest you he’ll take at least GH¢30 but these days they take about GH¢100. If you don’t have it that’s the end of your day…This is why I have faith that Mahama can actually fulfill his promise.

Views from some motor riders are compiled in the video;
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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