General News Fri, 3 Nov 2017

Matilda Amissah-Arthur donates to NGO BASICS

Former Second Lady Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, over the years have made constant effort at seeing that children, not only enroll in school but also read and complete school and become better future leaders. So the need to help advance social values and adopt reading as a habits for youth of the country.

The former Second Lady on 1st November made some donations to support the Chorkor based NGO BASICS. Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur urged children to learn work hard and give maximum respect to their caregivers.

Over the years she has proven herself to be a woman who has got strength, vision and foresight. Highly innovative and does not slack in pursuing her mission in fulfilling her set goals. A strong advocate on issues relating to children and has also has been in the vanguard of fight for the education of children.

The former Second Lady also praised BASICS for working hard to nurture the children to rise above these challenges as well as making a difference in the society.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, stated that she has been with BASICS for over nine years, so she knows what they have done for the society in terms of education they have provided to the less privileged in society, so there was the need to encourage them to continue with their good works.

She took time to interact with the children there and appealed to them to learn hard and take advantage of the Centre to improve on their reading skills.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur, a friend to children and a mother for all, said it had been her practice to visit such under privileged children in the country that helps to bring out the best in children who are less privileged in society because they are our future leaders.

Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur does so through her NGO called “Breaking the Myth” that has passion for children and organises reading clinics for children across the country because they are the future leaders of our country.

“Humanitarian actions are the visible effects of her deep commitment to improving the human condition.” especially the generosity of a woman attentive to vulnerabilities and pain of humanity.

BASICS is a faith based charity organisation with a mission of ending cycles of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and child labour in Ghana permanently.

The BASICS NGO is committed to working in underprivileged communities where individuals are deprived of basic human rights. BASICS International is committed to fighting illiteracy, child labor, child trafficking and hunger in Ghana by improving the quality-of-life for children living in extreme poverty.

Basics have worked since its inception in 2000 to provide holistic services and guidance to disenfranchised youth in Ghana. From sponsorships for school fees to daily meals and life skills training to assistance in reintegrating into larger society, basics has structured programs in place which are designed at impacting and changing the lives of over 500 children and their families each year.

Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo