PLAYBACK: Cash for Justice, exposé on corruption at A-G Department

GHONE   Justice.jpeg Cash for Justice, an investigative documentary on some shady dealings at the AG's Department

Thu, 31 Oct 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

An undercover probe, conducted within four months in the Upper East Region, is a case study on allegations Ghanaians have levelled openly against some state’s attorneys. The shortage of justice is one silent killer that has plagued the vulnerable class for an unmeasured amount of time.

Because a public outcry over some injustices has gone unheard for too long a period, a dangerous trend has emerged in the region. Lynching. The people resorted to getting justice their own way.

A police commander, Chief/Supt. Samuel Punobyin, wept over the freedom criminals were enjoying in the region and the bondage of terror the helpless residents and travellers were enduring.

When he could not bear it anymore, the commander took the Attorney-General’s Department on in 2018. He was a lone warrior as his superiors in the region, for reasons the public is free to guess, watched in silence.

The Attorney-General’s Department fought back in July 2019, with a strong demand for a retraction and an apology for calling its integrity into question. The state prosecutors further threatened to haul him before court if the demand was not met in two weeks.

At a point, lynching of suspected criminals, guilty or guiltless, by the frustrated civilians became so rampant hardly would a month slip away without one or two incidents of mob justice being reported or recorded somewhere in the region. Democracy came under a threat. This threat inspired an investigative raid on the Attorney-General’s Department.

Watch a livestream of the investigative piece done by Edward Adeti here:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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