General News Thu, 23 Nov 2017

Shop 'n' Save to host farmers festival on Farmers’ Day

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Managing Director for Shop ‘n’ Save Supermarket, Michael Edward Chambers has revealed that his outfit will organize a festival for farmers on Farmers Day to encourage the frequent purchase of goods from local farmers this year.

Speaking at a ceremony to award winners of the second edition of Shop ‘n’ Save’s ‘Win a Car’ promo, Mr. Chambers noted that the initiative was their contribution to the development of the country in terms of production and urged Ghanaians to contribute.

“We source all our traditional foods locally. We believe in the farmers and we believe in taking Ghana forward in terms of production. We really encourage purchasing from the local sources as much as possible. In ten days’ time we are going to have a massive farmer’s festival on farmers’ day,” he said.

This step is expected to aid governments’ ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’ programme massively. As a boost in demand of local farm products, it will encourage more farming, make the job more attractive to others and in turn increase the employment rates.

The Planting for Food and Jobs programme was one of President Akufo-Addo’s major campaign policies intended to aid and address the decrease in growth of Ghana’s agricultural sector.

Mr. Chambers further added that his outfit aims at giving customers the experience resembling that of a market place, where local products such as corn dough and millet amongst others are made available.

“What we try and do is to bring the market place into the store. We have a section where we sell traditional products, the grains, the seeds, the millet that we sell, that nobody else does in the supermarket. We also have fish and vegetable section, our own bakery and we do hot takeaway foods. So people can come and enjoy hot meal from us and we try to make it variety as much as possible,” he mentioned.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com