The stigma associated with coronavirus can kill - Recovered patient cries

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Wed, 15 Apr 2020 Source: svtvafrica.com

As the new coronavirus continues to spread around the world, some medical experts say it could become as widespread as the common flu. But as the number of casualties rises, some have also recovered.

Few want to talk about their experience publicly, because of the discrimination and stigma they could face. However, Fredrick Drah, one of the 17 Ghanaians who have recovered from the deadly COVID-19 disease has decided it was time to speak out.

In an interview with host DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Drah revealed the stigmatization he is currently facing since he was discharged home is unbearable. He disclosed that, neighbours and provision stores refuse to sell and accept anything from them.

“Whenever my family goes out to buy something from the stores around us, the stores refuse to sell to them. In some circumstances, even though they have the particular item, they will not sell it with the excuse they don’t have it. Currently buying outside is becoming very challenging to us; they address our house as the Covid-19 people’s house. They just don’t want to accept anything from us forgetting that we have been tested and we are negative but they rather don’t know their status. So in any case, we’re scared of them getting close to us. So the stigma is real, unbearable and still going on,” Drah said.

Drah who is a port worker is visibly elated to have survived the virus after contracting it from a Korean friend.

The father of four who lost a roommate at the Isolation Centre in Ga East to the virus shares his experience fighting the coronavirus and how he recovered after spending one month in the hospital.

He pointed out that, his immune system, the care of medical staff and in some cases, faith, helped him pulled through.

He also shares a special message of thanks for the hospital staff that took care of him.

Drah called on philanthropists and donors who are willing to support them to kindly do so to ease the difficulty on them.

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Source: svtvafrica.com
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