The State must honour KABA – Atik

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2017-11-26 08:41:42
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The State must honour KABA – Atik

I am now convinced your suspension by your party was well justified. This is gross irresponsible.
I am not sure this is become a national canker or you lot have become de÷sensitised by the 4×4"s dished out willy-nilly by the previous gov't that, you assume the state should bear the cost of such inevitable end of the fine journalist.
People are born and others die. This is a natural phenomenon. I am not sure KABA worked for the state media at any stage. He chose to serve the public via a private media House who could provide the same ambiance as the state burial that you propose.
Remember that Ghana is broke and the new gov't is just finding its feet to stand firm. Where does this frivolous extravagant ideas end.
The fact that KABA was a nice man, is a social construct. He may be viewed or judged by others differently. It's not just enough to see politicians lining up acting and selling KABA like a commodity and his media house ratcheting it up for public consumption.
Stik, why don't you suggest Gifty Anti's baby should be christened and the state to bear the cost, as she is equally deserves acknowledgement for her service (after all the state has enough to celebrate the joy and sorrow of people perceived by the elite, as worthy). Why was the journalist who died recently, on duty trying to cover the fire incident but fell over a bridge, not proposed the same level of accord for state burial?.
Atik, l may not know why you are in politics as a young man with many strives to achieve in maturity. I am pretty sure the mention of keeping a
fiscal discipline with state resources eludes you.

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Gurus-billa on Nov 26, 2017 08:41
Re: The State must honour KABA – Atik