Dissolving GFA is inappropriate - Yaw Oppong disagrees with government

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Comment: Nonsense

2018-06-10 12:02:08
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Dissolving GFA is inappropriate - Yaw Oppong disag

There is this maxim - The law is made for man, not man for the law. When a law ceases to serve its purpose, it is either amended or changed. When GFA becomes manipulative and corrupt it has to be disssolved. In some instances, a new law is enacted to keep up with the call of the times. On the other hand, the law is only a shadow or an antecedent of good things to come. In this instance I believe dissolving the GFA is right. The law cannot be right all the time. Oppong is always deviating. The supreme court is not bound by its previous ruling. More how dare you compare CEPS to GFA. CEPS is governed by the constitution of ghana. Ghanaians want GFA dissolved and the Prez has no choice.

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