Anas clashes with Kennedy Agyapong at Multimedia

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Comment: Clashe's Ken Agyapong and Anas.

Elizabeth Blessing
2018-07-02 05:42:59
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Anas clashes with Kennedy Agyapong at Multimedia

How are we as a nation fighting the corruption? Where are the BNI, CID and other components to do such job of fighting corruption in the country. If these groups are there to help get rid of corruption how will private company limited coming in to fight corruption? Let us leave tiger eye alone. If you have queries the best way for anyone cheated by Anas and his company is to summon the company in legal way. Let us fight the corruption in the country. The way Ken Agyapong doing counter accusation will not benefit the country. This scared away investors. Court is there why not Ken Agyapong gather all evidence and summon Anas. The way Ken Agyapong is doing will not help the country. No one is a saint. Good morality differentiate people. Self control is important. When we were children our parents always hammer to us don't accept gifts from strangers and we should not eat food from friends house. If someone you just met gave you a gift, ask yourself is the person a father Christmas? I know that gifts and bonus are given to workers to boost their moral? Ask yourself are you a worker to the person to give you such a big gift? Did Nyantakyi declared it to the executive of GFA? Did he paid tax on the gift? If anyone has any query against Anas and his company please proceed to court for clarification and not counter attack which will not help the country. I think as citizens of the country we must understand that receiving gift is a form of indirect bribery. Government must make it a law that no person in the country should receive gift. Gift is a form to induce a person to kowtow to you. Gift goes with a hidden agenda to trap you. Immediately you received the gift you are powerless to act on the way you should act. The gift will dictate to you according to the gift agenda.This is the reason why many young ladies have amorous relationship with their fathers class mates because of material things and such union does not based on love. Any gift you receive free ends up paying in the negative way as you sell your conscious. Let us have self control to fight for the corruption which has eaten into the fabric of the society. How l wish government will open the case of Hafix and his compliances case of gold again for fair trial. If its really true Anas collected bribe to close the case he should be imprisoned and his company closedown. I am angry with BNI,CID and other components. They are not helping the country because maybe they are corrupted themselves. Sumon Anas and critized him in court if you have queries. Thanks.

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Elizabeth Blessing on Jul 2, 05:42
Clashe's Ken Agyapong and Anas.