Anas takes on critics issue-by-issue

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Comment: Serious

Ranas Freeman
2018-06-30 11:21:29
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Anas takes on critics issue-by-issue

Yes you don't have to be afraid of no body Antonio Di pietro from milano expose all the criminal who were using their high office to evade taxes and high bribes .people like Betinno craxi silvio Berlusconi and many high profile Italians were involved.He brought all of them to justice people like.Prospero Carlo committed suicide at regina.coeli prison. Antonio Di pietro received a lot of threatening from the mafia of Napoli and parlemo cammora and Ndrangitta from Bari but that did not stop Di pietro from cleaning the society.do your job an leave the rest the the president Akuffo Addo who is more matured than idiot Kennedy Agyapong

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Ranas Freeman on Jun 30, 2018 11:21