I value education but success is possible even for dropouts like me - Ibrahim Mahama

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Comment: jealousy go kill you.

Jeffrey Daniels
2018-07-08 00:55:50
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Crack head

Paa nii grow up, why do you compare mango and pea. Ibrahim mahama was born with the golden spoon his father was a minister at Dr Nkrumah's governance, he had a free education all these while Ken Agyapong has to sell on the road sides to make an ends meet.even Donald Trump whose ground father own slaves to enrich himself to his great ground children so are you going to compare him to any ordinary person. Again most ghanaians can't stand the truth cos we are so blind by political and tribal gimmicks. If to sell cocaine is easy to enrich oneself why don't you try it.

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Jeffrey Daniels on Jul 8, 00:55
jealousy go kill you.