I’ll show NPP how to govern better when i return – Mahama

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Comment: Mahama should not return

2018-09-26 19:40:05
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I’ll show NPP how to govern better when i return

I am tempted to believe that Africa South of the Sahara in general might be under a serious curse. I wonder how a two year old government that inherited such a suffering Ghana can turn things round suddenly. If anything we must examine the programs and policies the government is proposing and see how its capable of solving the problems in the near future. If things were right under 8 years of Mills, Mahama NDC rule the effect would have been seen now and they can even claim that Ghana is doing well because of the better programs and policies of the NDC administration. Now no matter what NPP government does in this short term, the effect of Mahama administration would be experienced by Ghanaians as part of the transition into the prospects of the programs and policies of the Akufful Addo administration. Is there any comparing program like the FSHS. It is the boldest move by the current administration and it has been one of the keys to the foundation for the development of any developed country in the world. Things might not be okay for Ghanaians today, but the academia's, CSO, and the open-minded individuals must rise up to differentiate between constructive criticism of the government and the evil condemnation of the programs and policies of the government. If this trend continues then the politicians will always have a field day in our country. How do you compare a government of FSHS to a government who sent Akua Donkor to Canada, Italy, Germany, V8s etc. Is there any one major intervention from the Mahama administration that the Nation Ghana can say it surpasses that of FSHS. I weep for Ghanaians because majority of social media and public commentators in Ghana are too selfish, short sighted and party oriented because they are paid directly by their Political Parties without having to do any work. Talk and get free V8, free mansion, free scholarship for even undeserving relatives, overnight riches when placed in a position to help the people and above all condoning and conniving with Foreign Agent to siphone national funds to foreign lands. I weep for Ghanaian children who do not know what is going on now because their future is inherent in the nature of our public discourse.

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no sense in ndc and satanic party on Sep 26, 2018 19:02
Seth on Sep 26, 2018 19:40
Mahama should not return