Kotoko fans, Club PRO shockingly heap blames on Anas for Hilal draw

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Joe Kwaane/K'si.
2019-03-12 07:43:35
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Football is played on the pitch

Most Ghanaians don't understand "GAME". There are many ways of winning a game. Even to the destroying your opponent. Why is it that when an attacker roughly a little is punished but others not. The managers pay the referries for the protection. People gain from betting as such want to protect such players. It is not the game that matters, but players and results. Our Kwesi understood this better than even the CAF president and could become FIFA president or vice soon. I regret that the No.12 was made public. There are many world leaders who are not worthy of their positions, but for only their understing of the position. God help Ghana.

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Joe Kwaane/K'si. on Mar 12, 2019 07:43
Just shut up on Mar 12, 2019 13:46