2020 Polls: We’II deal with political parties that will foment trouble - IGP

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Comment: Tenanye

Wisemen 2
2020-06-26 11:03:41
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Re: 2020 Polls: We’II deal with political parties

My friend if you like go and make trouble for your NDC party in December and you see.If you get seriously injured your party will only come and visit you but you alone will bear the pains.The party leaders all have their children outside the country.They are using you as shields against any force that wll be used by the police.JM & Asiedu Nketsia children are all outside the country and enjoying good life.Rememberthis,You can love your party but dont let them use your life.Do things peacefully.Dont go out andmake trouble.Remember what happened at Ayawaso by election.Somebody lost his leg and cannot get it back again. A big lesson to everyone.Stay out of trouble to preserve your precious life

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Wisemen 2 on Jun 26, 2020 11:03