CPP Youth Group urges Nduom to pursue presidential ambition

Tue, 6 Dec 2011 Source: GNA

Accra, Dec. 6, GNA - The Youth for Nduom 2012 on Tuesday announced a decision by Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, 2008 Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) to assume a back seat in the party until further notice.

They were however of the view that Dr Nduom had paid his dues and made his mark as far as the CPP tradition was concerned and had not been a fair weather friend or a latter day convert to the party, therefore must go ahead with his presidential ambition to become the next President of Ghana.

Mr Richard Nii Amarh, Spokesperson for the Youth for Nduom 2012 addressing a press conference in Accra, said Dr Nduom’s decision was to avoid further criticism of overshadowing the leadership and taking over the party as currently being portrayed by the National Chairperson, the General Secretary and some leading members of the party.

He said to address the issue of a level playing field for all presidential aspirants, Dr Nduom would stop all campaign and regular activities with the regional and constituency executives of the CPP, hoping that it would leave the field wide open for Mr George Aggudey, Professor Badu Akosah, Mr Bright Akwetey or anyone else to go and campaign for the support and attention of delegates who would select the Presidential candidate.

Mr Amarh said Dr Nduom had also appealed to the media to stop referring to him as an aspiring candidate for the CPP in the 2012 presidential race, as his declaration of intent to contest the CPP primaries was said to have created uproar within the party.

However, he said Dr Nduom would from hence speak from a personal perspective as he had been reminded by the General Secretary that the party has a Communications Director and will render his personal opinions as a concerned Ghanaian and not as a spokesperson for the CPP.

He indicated that Dr Nduom would now focus his attention in organising potential campaign supporters and volunteers outside the CPP who could help attract floating voters.

Mr Amarh stressed that to avoid conflict, Dr Nduom had advised his supporters inside and outside the CPP to show respect to the CPP leadership and exhibit tolerance in responding to issues raised by his political opponents within the CPP, New Patriotic Party, People’s National Convention and the National Democratic Congress.

“Our fight from here is to win the hearts, mind and votes of the majority of Ghanaian voters and that must be done with a positive message and with discipline,” he said.

The Youth for Nduom 2012, which is a progressive organisation of some youth within the CPP had called the press to set the records straight and in the process offered a way forward to enable Dr Nduom to become the President of the Republic of Ghana come January 2013.

Mr Amarh said Dr Nduom authorised the publication of his decision based on the need expressed strongly by the Samia Nkrumah-led executives to assume the commanding heights of the CPP and in recognition of the 10- point action plan announced by the national executives to bring credibility and strength to the party.

He said it was however unfortunate that in spite of all the dedication and support shown by Dr Nduom in ensuring the substance of the party even before and after Election 2008 to date, he is being fingered as the one behind the anger being expressed throughout the country against the CPP.

Mr Amarh said Dr Nduom has been a strong, reliable shareholder, therefore “We will not sit back and let anyone cast doubt about Dr Nduom’s integrity.”

“We are ready to tell Dr Nduom to move on to greater heights. We are not prepared to forget Election 2012 and wait for 2016. If some CPP leaders want to commit political suicide, we will not be a part of it,” he added.

He said after all, when the UGCC leaders sought to demean the contribution of Kwame Nkrumah and cast him aside, he did the right thing, by leaving the UGCC to form the CPP which later led Ghana to its independence.

Mr Amarh indicated that history had a way of repeating itself and history was on the side of Dr Nduom, but more importantly, the future in this 21st Century is there, wide open for those willing to compete, sacrifice and respect the views of the majority of the people.

"We call on Dr Nduom to concentrate his attention on the quest to create jobs for the youth in Ghana. We urge him to take time out to think through what his political future is going to be as there are many, like-minded people in Ghana who liked his brand of politics and would be solidly behind support him to implement whatever decision he takes."

He called on all volunteers to begin active, urgent mobilisation of forces throughout the country so that they could begin the Election 2012 campaign soonest.

“We remain convinced that Ghana needs Dr Nduom and in spite of all the odds, he does not have an alternative other than to run for President of the Republic of Ghana in 2012.

“We will work with him to run a youth-based aggressive campaign for true change that will help our beloved Ghana become a prosperous nation in which her people experience a high quality of life,” he said.

Source: GNA