New Year 2011 Statement By Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom

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Ghanaians must all look forward together and work to make the New Year an exceptional one. We must remain one nation and one people with a common destiny.

In 2010 we saw first oil from the Western Region. This after oil was delivered several years ago in the Central Region at Saltpond and is still being produced there. All indications are that significant oil may be found in other areas in Ghana. I wish for our leaders the wisdom to do with this natural gift something that will make the people more prosperous.

What Ghanaians need most is opportunity to be the best that they can be. We all need to keep working for an open, transparent nation that will attack corruption and indiscipline with a sense of urgency so that we can build a just and caring society that is prosperous. This requires the help of everyone – business, religious, political leader and the rest of us. We must speak out against injustice, bad decisions and actions that will retard our progress.

I wish for our brothers and sisters in Cote d’Ivoire selflessness in their leaders to reverse the collision course they are on so that they can enjoy peace and a better standard of living than they have experienced in recent years.

I wish everything good and wonderful for every Ghanaian everywhere. I pray that the Lord Himself keep all of us together as one people in good health and help us to work well together to achieve the happiness we deserve.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Papa Kwesi Nduom

December 28, 2010

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