New Year Message from Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom

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Let us make Ghana proud in 2012. We are a special people in a nation blessed abundantly by God. We have not always treated each other with respect. We have not always protected the human rights of all of our people. We have not always given to ourselves the leadership needed to encourage the high national performance needed to make our people prosperous. But we still have great opportunity to get the best out of our God-given resources. It is in this regard that I wish to join all Ghanaians to thank God for all the blessings willed to us and the resources gifted to our country.

Democracy must yield benefits that accrue to the individual citizens of the land. It cannot be a badge of honour that we dust off and display proudly every four years. So while we prepare to enter an election year, we must encourage the current Administration to fulfill the promises made in the areas of housing, job creation, education, infrastructure and a “Better Ghana” among others. We need our governments to keep promises made so that the people do not lose confidence in the political process and multi-party democracy.

I wish every Ghanaian good health and happiness in 2012. May we all get opportunities to prove our worth in our chosen endeavours. May success shine on all who dare to sacrifice, invest time, energy and work hard to create jobs in this country; and may all who labour to create wealth be rewarded many times. May our leaders understand the need for selfless duty and the need to unite our people from east to west and north to south. May politics only be the means to serve our nation and not an end in itself.

Let’s make Ghana proud in 2012!

Papa Kwesi Nduom

December 24, 2011

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