Osei Akoto takes an early walk to Presidency

Tue, 16 Mar 2010 Source: GNA

Accra, March 16, GNA- Mr. Ramon Osei Akoto, a former Presidential aspirant, on Tuesday launched his manifesto for the 2012 election. Dubbed "Green Manifesto", for his United Love Party, he stressed h= is desire to make Ghana a better country devoid of corruption in the manifesto which was launched on Facebook.

Calling it a 93Blue Print for Change", he said his manifesto would mean; "Taking back our country from shadow governments and corrupt politicians. The full green manifesto clearly shows you that poverty and hunger in Ghana are a deliberate act by the NPP and NDC governments.

"They will maintain poverty in Ghana as long as they can. Poverty gi= ves them more power to control you. It is time for the LOVE PARTY TO FREE YOU UP".

Mr. Akoto outlined his polices and programmes some of which included "Osei Akoto's Emergency Economic Recovery Plan", 93Free telephone fo= r all Ghanaians starting from 2013", 93Free Electricity for all Ghanaians star= ting 2013" and 93Green gasoline for all Ghanaians starting 2013". He also mentioned other programmes such as the 93Green Fishing startin= g 2011","Green Agriculture starting 2013", 93Green Housing starting 20= 13", "Green Drinking Water", 93Green Sewerage System" and 93Green Air"= .. Others are; 93Green tourism, Green database, Oil for healthcare Reform= , Electoral reform as well as Oil for Education. "By the end of Akoto's first term in office, Ghana's education sys= tem will be the best in the world", according to the manifesto.

Source: GNA