Opinions Tue, 2 Feb 2016

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15% transport fare increase: realistic fuel decrease now!!

We are still living with the consequences of a tormenting economic storm generated by the crisis of wasteful expenditure and massive corruption. Indeed, living standard has been enormously poor and far from a return to normalcy.

Fellow Ghanaians, there are some ugly black clouds gathering, which could portend worse to come. The thick clouds of unexpected price increases in transport fares, food, school fees, rent, healthcare, unfair market pricing of petrol and other related products.

We are left to our fate and each one of us must be prepared for the worst. The future of the Ghanaian is in danger. The youths are hopeless and basic livelihood is in danger. Parents must brace themselves up for a real challenge that does not guarantee the social safety of their children simply because the NDC government has failed to provide economic relief and the change they promised.

Ghanaians have been made to understand that, the inability of government to provide employment in the midst of a high tax regime under harsh IMF conditionality's is the new normal.

Fellow Ghanaians, who can you trust in society where many of those who know better (and can stand up for the ordinary Ghanaian) have ignored the clarion call to speak against economic servitude, and stand up for the poor. The youths of this great country must stand up and be counted. We have our destinies in our hands.

Fellow countrymen, AFAG has series of necessary, radical not excluding mass actions in the year to drive home our demand for a good living standard, improved welfare, affordable school fees, rent and healthcare. We demand deeds not words. The time is now!!!

AFAG is appalled at the 15% transport fares slapped on Ghanaians, the inability for prices of fuel prices to decrease in the midst a very low international price ($28 per barrel) of crude. We need fair market practices. The OMCs are "stealing" from the poor and a benign John Mahama government looks on unconcerned. No way!!!

Fellow Ghanaians, If fuel price deregulation don't make sense in 6 weeks, AFAG will commence its series of actions across the country. Fuel prices must go down now to avert possible increases in goods and services due to the 15% transport fare increase. Ghanaians expect a realistic decrease in fuel price, and not a paltry 2% decrease. This is an insult in the face of lowering international crude oil price. The lowest in 12years.



Columnist: AFAG

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