4 facts on football that explain why it's rising in Ghana

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Tue, 11 Aug 2020 Source: ghanasoccernet.com

When it comes to sports, football is always the first specialty to be mentioned. Appeared in Europe hundreds of years ago, soccer is nowadays the top most popular team sport on the planet earth.

Its success is due to a series of factors that make soccer be an easy, funny, recreative game to play at any age. Some of the most relevant factors include the simplicity of the game rules.

Soccer football is based on only a few very intuitive and simple rules that even children can learn in a minute. It's also a great physical activity to practice for improving health conditions.

Let's see all the most relevant facts on soccer:

Simple, Funny, Easy To Play

Another important element is that you don't have to buy complicated equipment to play soccer. You only need a ball and comfortable shoes and clothing. You can play soccer with friends or even alone (kicking the ball against a wall, for example). Although the game is played by two teams of 11 players each, you can still enjoy soccer by playing it with only one friend or as many as you want.

Soccer is indeed a kind of game that can be played in almost all ways, although it has its rules, you can also play it freely the way you like it the most. So, if you travel through Europe or Latin America, you will often see groups of kids playing soccer on the street - that's a typical image of southern Italy, for example.

Sportsmen From Ghana

Thanks to its simplicity, soccer is expanding over and over in the world. Recently, it's rising in African countries like Ghana, as well. And this fact brings new changes in the mindset of most European soccer clubs as they are recruiting more African players. You can view a list of top sportsmen in Australia on australia-casino.org where you'll find out that many great sportsmen and soccer players are from African countries, as well.

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Today's Soccer In Ghana

Thomas Partey is a key Ghana playerGhana is indeed one of the main African countries where sports are becoming a strong part of the local culture. Kids educated to play sports have more chances to find their way in this industry - that's the point. The bottom line is that Ghana's athletes seem to have excellent physical features to play certain sports that demand endurance and muscular strength better than white athletes. For example, black athletes get great outcomes in all the sports that imply running and soccer is one of these sports.

Soccer in Ghana was administered by the Ghana Football Association between 1957 and 2018. The national teams of football are represented by the male Black Stars and the female Black Queens. Currently, soccer is the most played and promoted sport all through the country. Of course, as we told you above, one of the main reasons why soccer is gaining such a large success in Ghana is due to the simplicity of the game itself that can be played since childhood and at all levels.

Health Benefits Of Playing Soccer

Health benefits of playing soccerFinally, but not less important, here are some facts about the impact of playing soccer on your health. Among the several benefits of soccer, there is an increment of aerobic and cardiovascular capacity due to running during the game. As a result, the levels of body fat decrease while the muscular tone improves. Running for at least 90 minutes requires great muscular strength and endurance, so playing soccer football is excellent to boost these physical features. Keep in mind that when your muscles work, your bones become stronger, as well.

Although many soccer players get injuries during the game, soccer doesn't admit any physical contact. Another great point is that soccer teaches both physical coordination and coordination with the other team members, which makes soccer be a great sport for socialization and learning team spirit.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why soccer is the world's most popular sport and it's rising quickly in African countries like Ghana. Soccer promotes teamwork, problem-solving skills (you have to think on the run), and mental focus skills.

Source: ghanasoccernet.com
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