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4 years of Mahama, 2018 of Medikal; a comparative analysis on relevance

The answer shouldnt be lost on anyone at the first ask, that between the 4 years John Mahama served as President and Medikal's 2018 music year who was better.

As preposterous as it seems, it is true that there are many out there who think such a comparison would be misplaced but they're so wrong. Medikal's 2018 is incomparable. His relevance even more outstanding.

You dey feel am?

One of them is a man in whose care a nation was kept. With the huge responsibilities came also abundant resources, power and authority. Interested in the outcome? Visit www.ec.gov.gh.

Perhaps unbeknownst to the Sowutuom former-Sister-Derby-boo and Contemporary loml of Fela Makafui, he evokes Marx in the most profound way with probably the most philosophical line in 2018; "how much be your too much money".

The phrase although only commonly seen among many young folks as just a usual line rappers throw about, it graciously lends credence to arguably the most influential public intellectual today, Jordan Peterson's popular acclaim that; the pursuit of happiness is a pointless venture.

In "how much is your too much money", Medikal wittingly interrogates the braggadacio espoused by the bourgeois in the most critical way and impresses upon the striving proleteriats to aspire beyond their limits.

A paradox is what I guess the literary folks will call it but it suffices as one of the greatest philosophical creations as well, up there with anything your Platos and Senecas could possibly come up with.

Betrayed by a political leadership that seems generally as clueless as they are disinterested in our problems, we were undeservedly throughout 2018 offered alternative spectra through which we could view our hardships and do better.

Ah W'ada? This craze, though ordinarily meaningless, is made entirely powerful a reminder for us to keep our hustle on.

Medikal so seemlessly created a movement and an inspiration so strong that it not only became a pop cultural slang but a strong awakening to young people that we have work to do and that we must stay up, and stay focused.

And through this, many learnt to believe in themselves more, and call the bluff of those who did not.

And oh boy! such a beauty it is to see young people dance their troubles away to Omo Ada.

So quite clearly no one in 2018 provided such a refreshing escape from the harsh realities we have to grapple with daily.

In "Boys Kasa", we were gifted with an anthem that lifts the soul. The entire track is laden with immensely talented young folks and the ever-gracious cousins from Tema, the R2Bees.

But what Aboooooowa wo to nono ushers us into is undoubtedly an immensely liberating exercise of emotional ecstasy. Moderners call it a vibe.

The rhymes were so good my Igbo friend Temple Egemasi from downtown Lagos could flow with it without needing Twi lessons.

About "Big man for where", I can't but regurgitate on the claim by many who pride themselves as inspiration to ghetto youth but none of whom provides such inspiring rhetoric to spur on struggling lower-middle class folks to compete more fiercely and without shame for their sexual actualization. It is evident how the old bourgeois [big men] have almost driven out competition in the sex and relationship space with undeniable buy-ins that not only deprive young men of a chance but also almost certainly enslave economically challenged young women into amorous engagement.

Those who take Medikal's counsel seriously go in there and make shit happen.

Do yourself some good here, and play with the "shapes and squares".

I have heard many criticise Medikal in the wake of his break-up with the amazing Sister Derby. The facts may not be available to me so I shall not weigh in on the debate.

The entry however of Fela Makafui and "Ayekoo" usher in something even more refreshing. In 2018 and beyond we were/are not about to mess with each other's head as Medikal has led the way. It has became a toxic male culture, that commitment is for the dull, the zero-vibe religio-assholes and not the ballerz. That the wokes are those who can have more than one woman, with a whole file managing side-chicks. This essentially explains the abuse of celebrity status and the thinking that any said status entitles one to misbehave, to be a cheat and to have unfettered access to multiple women.

What Medikal did in 2018 was again spit on this toxic narrative and challenge young men in particular to be transparent and confident.

Medikal with Fella Makafui

I can't seem to understand the connection people have tried to create with Mahama's own love life and its excesses but I know Medikal beats him on this score too.

So If you haven't listened to Ayekoo, Go figure.

From the guy who was so unfairly made the target of our insensitive trolls following a poor show at the last Ghana Music Awards, Medikal in 2018 embodied resilience of the kind Mahama needs to emulate.

Withering the storm and coming back so big with a performance that unquestionably makes him the best artiste from a wide talent pool of successful musicians in the year under review is nothing sort of genius.

We are still left without answers to the greatest and perhaps most relevant philosophical question of 21st century to the world's emerging young economic class in; How much is your too much money?

Quite a profound way to teach us to not lose ourselves to stress in the pursuit of wealth while urging those who have abundantly to be modest in their attempt to flaunt their affluence. Dumsor and economic hardships weren't great under Mahama, neither was corruption or poor leadership. Medikal has just given us nothing but the best.

I love Mr Mahama but I know who to take economic lessons from, who to turn to for a jam, what creativity looks like and perhaps more importantly the strength of character and the confidence to be transparent and positive.

Perhaps I shall conclude with what our most influential philosopher under 30 said in the gift of Kpoo Keke that; "when our adversaries are on a low battery, we shall watch them in despair with abundance of power and at 99% we shall keep charging our power bank".

What a year it's been for AMG Medikal.

Positive energy!

Hail the Rapper of the Year!

Poof Poof!

Columnist: Abdul Karim Ibrahim