45 Years After “Operation Cold Chop” On 24th February 1966

Tue, 5 Apr 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ghana! 45 Years After “Operation Cold Chop” On 24th February 1966

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first Ghana Prime Minister and the first President of the Republic of Ghana was VIOLENTLY overthrown on 24th February 1966 which FIRMLY established that the bloody coup that toppled Dr. Nkrumah was the fulfillment of Dr. K.A Busia’s pledge made when the National Liberation Movement lost its third elections conducted by our British Colonial Masters in 1956 and CPP won in a landslide.

Dr. Busia stated that a CPP victory at the elections of that year was an unmitigated DISASTER, an evil which the opposition would fight to the BITTER END. However, this could not have been a self-fulfilling prophecy if the Convention People’s Party had not so carelessly organized itself for collapse by the multiplicity of SELF DESTRUCTIVE ACTS of Commission and Omission just as the NDC is doing to its foot soldiers today 2011 by ignoring complaints and grievances and refusing to unite the various constituencies “Executive” members and party supporters and even ignoring petitions while doing their own business. To add insult to injury, they have divided the party into TWO FACTIONS. The Rawlings Boys in the NDC who will NEVER GET ANYTHING because they are from the White House and the Castle Boys who gives appointments , controls the money, awards contracts, assists their fellow Mills Boys when they are in trouble. All these are happening Nationwide and yet the 10 Regional NDC Chairman rushed to the Castle to INFORM President Mills that ALL is well and that they all support him. I beg to ask them-Who is working against the President. Well, you people should sit down there and play the OSTRICH we will all live to regret in December 2012 because this unfortunate behavior of the Elected Party Executives starts right from the National Headquarters of the NDC through all the Ten Regional NDC offices down to all the 230 Constituencies from 2009 to 2011.

Now, turning to Dr. Nkrumah’s violent overthrow, it will be recalled that a number of C.I.A defectors have clearly established that as early as 1958, the American intelligence organization had stepped into the plot to remove Dr. Nkrumah from office and even assassinate him. If possible, it was Dr. K.A Busia and Dr. J.B Danquah who were their PAID AGENTS or CLIENTS in Ghana because Dr. Nkrumah’s Socialism ideology was NOT ACCEPTABLE to America with General Dwight Eisenhower as the then U.S President who described the late Dr. Nkrumah as a DANGEROUS REVOLUTIONARY WHO SHOULD NOT be allowed to get away with it and so he must be BANNED FROM EXISTING. I am using this MEDIUM to appeal to ALL AFRICAN POLITICIANS, JOURNALISTS and CHURCH leaders to tell the Africa Youth the plain Truth and Stop their LIES, arrogance, and DECEIT, otherwise they would all remain CURSED on earth until they die and posterity will NEVER forgive them at all. Are you all listening to me very well? The American C.I.A sent a cable gram to Washington in 1958 proclaiming that. The United Party of Ghana led by Dr. K.A Busia is organizationally and mentally prepared to assume the reins of government in Ghana should a TURN of EVENTS make this possible what TURN of EVENTS were they talking About?. Dr. Busia was aided to escape into exile and to a Leiden professorship by C.I.A. He was amply supplied with FUNDS.

Dr. J.B Danquah was released from political detention in 1962 and he went straight to the American Embassy to complain to the then Ambassador Mahoney by asking the reason why the U.S was not giving money to his family which the family had been receiving monthly during his imprisonment but had been STOPPED after his release from prison.

Today 2011the Danquah Institute has been breaking the ear-drums of well meaning Ghanaians that the late J.B Danquah was a patriot instead of a paid C.I.A Agent as well as the late Dr. K.A Busia.

Enter The Coup Leaders Of 24th Feb.1966

Colonel E.K Kotoka and Brigadier Ocran promoted themselves to Four Star Generals within one year of Dr. Nkrumah’s overthrow Major Afrifa also promoted himself to a 4 Star General in 1967 after all, it was “Operation Cold Chop” for them. They were all paid an amount of THIRTEEN MILLION DOLLARS EACH BY THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT TO OVER THROW DR. NKRUMAH in 1966. AND THEY REALLY OVERTHREW HIM BECAUSE OF AMERICAN DOLLARS-WHAT A SHAME?

Kwame Nkrumah became the OBVIOUS and preliminary TARGET of US hostility in sub-Saharan Africa, whilst the conservative forces of Nigeria (Tafawa Balewa) and Liberia (Willaim Tubman) together with the French neo-colonial puppets of Cote D’ivoire and Burkina Faso received support in their efforts to BRING DOWN DR. NKRUMAH the Ghanaian leader who was PAINTED VERY BLACK by Dr. K.A Busia and J.B Danquah on their countless TREKS to the United States, as somebody entertaining political ambition of Continental proportions which were NOT TRUE. As for the African United that was advocated by the Late Nkrumah several years before his death, the continent at all because imperialism thrives ON DIVISION and so long as there are Africans to be Bought and Bribed with Presidential Office Offers,

Swis Bank Accounts, Villas in Europe, an effective political and economic unification of Africa shall remain a Pipe Dream forever. Unless Africa controls its own Natural Resources, it cannot forge a political unity which will define how it will use those resources for the primary benefit of her people. The military action began in Kumasi on the Night of 23rd February 1966 where Col. Kotoka who commanded the troops had already reached the outskirts of Accra by 3 a.m, where they received last minute instructions from Major Akwasi Afrifa, Kotoka’s Brigade Major who lied to the troops that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah had stolen 8 Million Pounds Sterling and left the country and will never return, and that in the unlikely event that he returns to Ghana at all he will use his position as the Commander-in- chief of the Ghana Armed Forces to send all of then to the Congo war where they would all be killed. By 5:30 am Colonel E.K Kotoka announced the overthrow of Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government which was finally followed by RIVERS and OCEANS of BLOOD in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tema, Tarkwa, Sunyani, Ho, Kofridua and infact violence spread throughout the nation- and MEN WERE FORCED TO BECOME WOMEN BY THE NLC MILITARY JUNTA and for one full week, thousands of innocent men, women and children were shot dead and their bodies were scattered all over Accra streets.

American Presence In Ghana After The Coup

There was an OPEN EMERGENCE OF THE AMERICAN PRESENCE AS A MAJOR FACTOR IN GHANA POLITICS. The then Ambassador Mr. Franklyn Williams was seen every where leading journalists through Dr. Nkrumah’s “SECRET” military camps set up to subvert neighbouring countries emerging out of the National Liberation Council meetings-Dear reader, Note that the choice of that name National Liberation Council was not accidental, as it was a DELIBERATE THROW BACK to the National Liberation Movement, that violent tribal grouping founded in Kumasi with “ Mate meho” as its local name which stood on the platform for FEDERATION OR SECCESSION on a NARROW TRIBAL FRONT whose members killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in their political fight with the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memorial.

The National Liberation Movement was later renamed the United Party which the NPP represent today 2011-therefore, WHY SHOULD the NPP lie to Ghanaians that their political Godfathers namely J.B Danquah, K.A Busia and A.A Afrifa who were all paid agents of the C.I.A in America were not the people who DESTROYED AND CRIPPLED Ghana leading to the mass suffering, unemployment, underdevelopment, squalor and disease affecting millions of Ghanaians including you and me today 2011? ALL TRUE POLITICIANS MUST HAVE A TOUGH SKIN, so I don’t fear insults or even death when speaking the TRUTH at all. In an Article written to GhanaWeb Entitled Anarchists in Ghana’s Parliament? On Saturday 26th Feb. 2011. I stated that those who support the NPP are cocaine barons, cheats, tax dodgers, smugglers, money launderers, double tongued, receivers of bribes, thieves, tribal bigots, rogues, traitors, and gangsters and finally those who belong to NO FAMIILES OR CLAN. These homeless tramps and political jackals leading the NPP have something SUBVERSIVE UP their SLEEVES in this country. What they WANT and have NEVER been able to say so OPENLY to Ghanaians IS THAT THEY (NPP) MUST ALWAYS BE IN OFFICE and NOT the NDC, CPP or ANY OTHER POLITICAL PARTY because they falsely believe that the NPP being an AKAN PARTY IS SUPERIOR THAN GHANAIANS AND GHANA AS A WHOLE- I OWE NOBODY AN APOLOGY IN THE VIOLENT PRONE tribal NPP because this article is 100% FACTUAL. I have written this article as a former card bearing number of the Young Pioneer Movement a dynamic youth wing of the once powerful and mighty CPP led by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah from 1957-1966.

“Jaanbie Iwaii”

I am done! Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement