97% ‘nokofioo’ endorsement by the greedy bastards (2)

Fri, 15 Jul 2011 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to salute Kofi Adams, the spokesperson for the Rawlingses.Indeed,i really admire the courage of this fine gentleman, against whom an aliens’ compliance order was issued, by some foolish elements within the NDC,in the heat of the ‘FONKAR-GAMES’.

This gentleman has competently, and almost single-handedly, been able to expose the total lies and plain-faced sycophancy of these greedy bastards that are making so much noise because their stomachs are full.

Now, a sister of former Malaysian president has just won elections in that country, current president of Argentina is a wife of the former president of that country, Poland, at a point in time, had president and prime-minister who were twins, Bush senior and Bush junior are examples in the case of America.

These leaders are not being described as monarchs because they achieved their status through contesting elections. This is exactly what Nana Konadu is doing here in Ghana. Why then describe the Rawlingses as turning Ghana into a monarchy? This propaganda against the woman is simply unfair.

Nana Konadu is simply exercised her democratic right. What were all the condemnations and issues about her baggage and all that? Is it not the same Rawlingses that the NDC worshiped and defended for close to 20yrs? These 'GAME' people following Atta-Mills are doing so simply because their bread and tea are being well-buttered and highly sugared respectively.

If Atta-Mills had lost in sunyani, these very same people who vociferously vilified Nana Konadu would have swiftly made a u-turn and started praising her. What kind of people are these?

Today, characters as Nii Lantey Vanderpuije, Hannah Bissiw, Victor Smith and so on, have completely forgotten about how they benefitted from the Rawlingses by way of political exposure and have shamelessly turned their backs on them, purely, for personal aggrandizements.

A personality as Betty Mould-Iddrisu actually cut her political teeth in the area of true political activism was by her association with an NDC party stalwart by way of marriage. This is a woman who swiftly abandoned the NDC when it lost power in the year 2000 and landed herself a juicy contract with the commonwealth office in England.

Inspite of such a wicked abandonment of the party, the Rawlingses stood by this woman and vociferously battled to make her the running mate to Atta-Mills. Remember the “kids’ glove” outburst? It was all in pursuance of propelling this woman higher up in the political lime-light. In the final analysis; the Rawlingses could not succeed in that agenda.

Now, for such a person to whom the Rawlingses have expended so much energy to project, to openly singing, rather unmelodiously, the praises of Atta-Mills and taunt the Rawlingses, is certainly a somersaulting skill that can easily pass for an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.

A woman who the Rawlingses wanted to be a vice president, today standing before this very same Atta-Mills who saw her as a mere trash-can and therefore rejected her, and pleading to be allowed to “serve in any capacity”? How ungrateful can these people be and how low can they throw their already disintegrated public image?

There is also this group of juvenile-delinquents and political-neophytes that have been given ‘begye kodzidzi’ deputy ministerial positions, being issued with carte-blanche to pour potent venom on the Rawlingses, Atta-Mills must rather instilled in them, a great sense of respect, gratitude and appreciation towards the Rawlingses.

And this is where I have a problem with Atta-Mills: he is the single most important beneficiary of benevolence and political exposure by the Rawlingses and absolutely nothing must stop him from, personally, having direct un-feted line of communication with them. This is because, none of these hyenas around him that have vowed to make the Rawlingses irrelevant in NDC scheme of affairs, is more politically indebted to them (Rawlingses) than Atta-Mills.

Today, there are these pseudo CPP loyalists who, for reasons best known only to the angels above, are losing so much sleep over issues concerning a ruling than their own comatose CPP.

These people sit on air and pour plain insults on Mrs. Rawlings and accuse her of engaging in activities that has the potential to destroy the party she and her husband toiled to create and nature. The point is: ‘Opoku na w’enya ne nku, se odze boguar o, se odze besera o, ofa woho ben’? The party belongs to the Rawlingses, why must anybody lose sleep over what they do with it?

Today, If it had not been the hard-work of honourable Samia Yaaba Nkrumah, the CPP would have been absent in our august house of parliament. Yet, the party is endowed with the loudest group of people with highly acerbic lips in the area of socio-political hot-air-blowing.

Verbally, these people have solutions to every problem confronting our nation and instead of expending their limitless energies on bringing their dying CPP into power to enable them actualize their lofty ideas; they have rather decided to tie their stomachs to apron-strings of Mills-Mahama administration.

The issue of not being “his own man” was a political tool effectively used against Atta-Mills in two successive general elections but the Rawlingses continued to stand firmly behind him. And for Atta-Mills to allow these gluttons around him at the seat of government and their ‘huuuge’ squadron of ‘nkwan deewa’ corroborators to dictate how he relates to his greatest political benefactors, the Rawlingses, portrays the purest form of ingratitude and shameful betrayal of trust.

There is this famous Dagbani adage that says “when you see a pregnant goat being offer for sale at market, then it is obvious that the owner has a pregnant problem at home”. Nana Konadu is not a stupid person to consciously work to bring down an institution she has toiled, over decades with her husband, to build.

Therefore; her decision to contest Atta-Mills was motivated, purely, by her desire to weed-out these greedy-bustards currently swarming the NDC and to pull the party from the brink.

In anycase, where exactly has Rawlings said it is only him and his and members of his nuclear family that can solve Ghana’s problems? When this man defied all NDC party protocols and single-handedly foisted Atta-Mills on the party in what has now become known as "the Swedru declaration”, nobody in the party dared raise a voice.

And the reason is very simple: Rawlings was then the president and therefore controlling the stomachs of these gluttons whose sense of judgment can perfectly be likened to a swinging-pendulum. Today, it is Atta-Mills who controls the stomachs of these very same gluttons. Hence, the sudden show of support for him and the vicious vilification of Rawlings.Where then lies the sincerity of such group of people who lack basic norm of human behavior?

For me, Rawlings is simply being consistent and this issue of him trying to establish a "Rawlings monarchy" is only a vicious agenda to tarnish the man's image. Who says succession in a monarchical state is done through a democratic election as Nana Konadu did? These gluttons currently shouting the praises of Atta-Mills and vilifying Rawlings are nothing but plain-faced traitors!!!

From now on, I hope these self-seeking individuals who have been blinded by what they are currently reaping from an institution whose establishment they had absolutely no hand in, will simply keep their mouths shut and allow the woman to have some peace since she did not contravene any law by contesting for the NDC flag-bearership.

As a matter of fact, by this single act of enormous brevity as the very first woman in our nation’s history, is in itself, a novelty. But to actually contest a sitting president who had a ?900-billion war-chest, horde of greedy hyenas and swarm of tongue-twisting ‘nkwan deewa’ apologists, Nana Konadu has, indeed, succeeded in creating millions of huge cracks in the glass ceiling of Atta-Mills’ re-election bid.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku