Opinions Sun, 9 Feb 2014

A Bad Politician Is Just Like A Bad Workman

People can normally be categorized into two groups such as those who are talent endowed and those who have not. A truly talented person succeeds in his work. He utilizes his abilities very properly thereby achieving good results. He is confident and proficient in doing his work, and uses his tools in the right way, even if they are not excellent.

Juxtapose with a badly talented person at the same time. A badly talented person even if given excellent tools, he will fail to achieve good results. The reason been that his talents are limited will try to find all manner of excuses for his failure to achieve the good results. He blames his tools for the bad work he has done.

He definitely will not want to admit or own up that he is a bad workman. He deliberately refuses or forgets the fact that his talents are limited. Similarly, if good opportunities are provided for the less talented person, he will fail to exploit such chances that would have enhanced his succeeding in life.

On the other hand, when a talented person is given the right opportunity, he makes use of it to the full, thereby achieving his goal in life. Whereas the former blames the opportunities and people around him for his failure, the latter without complaint make the most of them and succeed in life.

Typical of the above is comparable to a bad Government and a bad Politician who will never find a good tool. Even if a bad Government is given all the good economic tools it will not be able to make use of them because it lacks the basic skills and is inefficient. The sad part is that they are never prepared to accept their own deficiency in training, weakness and faults. They invariably attribute the poor performance or workmanship to the economic tools they inherited.

Precisely like the bad workman who always quarrels with his tools, many a man thinks that he is better than others or knows more than others. While he easily identifies the weaknesses or shortcomings of others, he conveniently remains blind or is unmindful of his own shortcomings.

Bad Governments behaves and operates like a bad workman who puts the blame on the machines or tools. He holds others responsible for anything that goes wrong.

A bad Government with its governing machinery is quick to blame the immediate past government for their inability to deliver what they promised. Usually, they seek opportunities, especially a window of escape, blames their inability based on frivolous unrestrained behavior and accusing opposition of poisoning the atmosphere.

It is therefore not unusual for our politicians displaying such attributes like a bad workman who hold others responsible for the mistakes committed though he is equally responsible. Example, a typist will most often transfer or point the finger at the typewriter even though it is he who commits the mistakes due to either lack of skill or concentration. Similarly, a student who is not prepared for the examination make an attempt to get away saying that the paper was exacting.

We should all come to an understanding that, a man who spends all his time looking up to heaven is not always the best; if truth be told; he is more often than not the worst.

To sum up, a bad Politician or Government will always, always pass on blame of its failures to predecessor even if it is the Government that created or commits the blunder due to either lack of governance skills.

Or could it be reasoned and stated that they come in with the aim to create havoc and at the same time to pillage?

Your thought and guess are as good as my imagination.

Columnist: Akwah, Nana