A Day Spent at the Accra Youth Summit 5

Thu, 21 Mar 2013 Source: Akpah, Prince


I was very enthused by the presence of the next speaker, because he is a friend on

Facebook but i have never met him before and also have a

couple of books i am trying my hands on.

Bernard Kevin Clive as he

was introduced is a self publishing author, who has his books selling

international on amazon. Speaking on the topic, the secret to

self-publishing, he tried to unveil how and the strategies that

participants can use to write, publish and sell them.

As a writer,

you must have have the habit of writing things down. Writing makes you

that person to become an author of a best selling book. Reminding us of

the unnoticed feature on Facebook, NOTES, we as youths were challenged

to start making good use of it since it keeps our writings safer.


feature introduced was blogging. Blogs are self made sites for

individuals where they can use as a platform to publish their writings,

share photos and video for people to read and watch also comment on

them. Mine is akpahprince.wordpress.com


Publishing books now have taken a new pace with the introduction of eBooks and

online services. Amazon has also created the platform where authors can publish and

sell their

books online. It was also noted that for every book sold on amazon, the

author receives 70% of it through a payment mode. If you want it you can log on to

createspace.com and kdp.amazon.com

Also sharing with us was the 5 ways or the secret to have your book becoming the

best ever on sale.

1. Book Title

2. Book cover/design

3. Book Author

4. Book Summary

5. Book Price.


1. Amazon is there for me to get my book reach the whole world.

2. I need to consider several things like the 5 Bs for my book to be the best and


Nxt Speaker.


several times of listening to his voice also on radio and to seeing him

host the IEA presidential encounter on t.v, was Mr. Koku Bernard Avle,

host of Citi Fm's morning show speaking on the theme; Leadership,

Africa's missing Art.

Sharing his life story with us about how he was able to break the barriers to

become leader in the media today, he had his mentor to be BBC world news anchor,

Komla Dumor who was then a show host on Joy FM. Comparing his

'slim' voice to that of Komla was one that could have never fit him to

be in the same seat he is now, but he was able to defy all odds and went for it.

Also another inspiring one from him, when he completed PRE-SEC

Legon he decided to study abroad but unfortunately he didn't get the

opportunity which some of his friends had. He then decided to attend the University

of Legon and made a vow that even though he didn't not

pursue his education outside, his friends will use him as a channel to

their success and today with all determination that he committed to his

dream today he is proud to be a solution centers to some of his friends

problems. I have that change Ghana needs.

Challenging us,he encouraged us to take the lead, set the pace and

receive the blessing in one's chosen field to lead the transformation of Africa. I

have the change Ghana needs. Also sharing his thought about

the perception people have about the leadership of African's is bad. He

said it is because bad leaders emerges from bad people.

He made us

also know that our choices determine our chances. Let us make

appropriate and efficient use of our time" energy and resources.

As a Leader;

1. You must have the ability to dream

2. You must be discipline.


1. Leadership is a service to mankind

2. I have the change Ghana needs now.

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part 1 to part 5.

Akpah Prince


Columnist: Akpah, Prince