A Good Example For Ghana

Wed, 5 Oct 2011 Source: Tawiah, Francis

The German Head Of Chancellery Must Resign For Insult Trade After Tirade.

The German Chancellery Minister Mr. Pofalla, who insulted his own party member, Mr. Wolfgang Bosbach who is also a minister by telling him "I can no longer see your animal face" is now under a heavy pressure to resign.

After the nasty invective against Euro deviants. The insult trading chancellery minister, Ronald Pofalla has lost support in his party and therefore being squeezed to the war to put down his working tools.

A leading coalition calls him the worst head of the chancellery of all time, representatives of Union of Young and Young Liberals call for his resignation.

The support for Chancellor's Office Chief Ronald Pofalla (CDU) is declining. Pofallas bullying against fellow party member Wolfgang Bosbach has created outrage in his own party, coalition politicians increasingly distancing themselves from him. The ("Berliner Zeitung)-Berliner Newspaper " quoted an unnamed leading coalition politicians as saying Pofalla was overwhelmed in his office and also because of his choleric type is not suitable for his job in the party. "He is described as the worst head of the chancellery of all time."

The reason for the general criticism from Mr. Bosbach, chairman of the German Federal Intern Committee is because during a meeting he, Profalla lost voting for acquiring less MPs on his side from his own party last week when they voted for the enlargement of the Euro bailout EFSF in Parliament.

According to media reports, chancellery chief Mr. Ronald Pofalla before the vote, insulted and attacked his party colleague with sentences like "I can no longer see your animal face". The only reply from his colleague who he insulted was, "Ronald! look, please consider and think about the Basic Law, which to me is a matter of conscience," "Leave me with such a shit in peace."

Now the insult trading Minister and head Of Chancellery, Ronald Pofalla is under a hot chase to resign.

Our Ghanaian Ministers who also use to indulge themselves in such primitive insults too must be shown the same exit.

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg-Germany)

Columnist: Tawiah, Francis