Opinions Sat, 29 Jan 2011

A Journey Of “No Return”...

As I carried my “Ghana must go” down the bushy roads

I heard the wind roared louder than the thunder

Fear stared at me, as darkness fell upon the skies

My legs began to wobble,

I’m all alone, in this place called “no home”

In weary and grief does my heart bleed?

Would I ever find a home?

The question, I always ask myself

Driven away from my family into darkness

I am a lamb without a shepherd

I am slave, someone just from the caves

The only thing I have, is the tears which flows in my eyes

Every day, brings it own torment

Pain burst my soul, whiles fear runs in my vein

This life is not fair; in fact no one really cares

I pray for that day; the day, I would feel no pain

To close my eyes, fold my arms and wouldn’t speak

What a day it would be, and that day

I would escape, only to continue my “journey of no return”

By: William .O. Opare

Columnist: Opare, William O.