A Leader uses money as a weapon

Wed, 27 Jan 2016 Source: Dag Heward-Mills

How do you view money as a leader? Does money make you feel safe? Is money your source of pleasure, satisfaction and achievement? Well, you can also view money as a weapon that can be used against enemies.

There are some problems that can be solved by money. Sometimes, a payment of money can reduce your stress and deliver you from a great evil. Leaders fight, using money as a weapon whenever they have to.

Spending money to buy the right car may save you much more money than you would gain by buying a cheaper car. When we started having crusades, we bought cheap used cars for our crusade directors. I was always excited at the low cost of these cars. But with time, I realised that my crusade directors were spending more time fixing their cars than preparing for a crusade.

The Crusade directors were converted into “mechanics” and spent most of their time at the workshop waiting for their cars to be repaired. Also, their cars would break down at crucial moments in the build-up to the crusade. All these created crises situations that cost even more money to correct. At a point, I felt that evil spirits were attacking the crusades through these second-hand cars.

Indeed, it could have been evil spirits that were attacking the engines and the brain boxes of these cars. I could have fasted and bound these powers that were unleashed against the crusades. But I decided to fight back by buying brand new cars.

It seemed expensive initially, but it ended up being cheaper in the long run. Not only was it cheaper in the long term, the attacks on the crusades came to an end. The enemy lost his power to prevent the crusades from coming on.

Every evil spirit, every entity, every demonic being and every principality lost its control over the crusades when I used money as a weapon. Remember that spending money can be a weapon to give you victory!

Atilla the Hun

Atilla the Hun was a fifth-century warrior who helped to unite the Hun kingdom. Atilla lived in an area that is now called Hungary. Atilla the Hun was a particularly brutal, plundering and devastating warrior. He was so brutal that he came to be known as the “scourge of God” because of the devastation he left in his wake.

Atilla invaded a vast area that stretched through Germany, Russia, Poland and south-eastern Europe. He was so successful that he invaded the Roman Empire. At that time, the Roman Empire was divided into the eastern and the western part.

The western part had its headquarters in Rome and the eastern part had its headquarters in Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey). King Theodosius II ruled the eastern part of the Roman Empire.

. Constantinople was a huge walled city that had been undefeated for several hundred years. It had withstood wave after wave of invaders and never fallen. But the Roman Empire, was in a weaker state and not ready for a war with somebody like Atilla the Hun. Instead of fighting with Atilla the Hun, the emperor of Constantinople constantly warded off Atilla the Hun by paying him higher and higher monthly payments.

Atilla the Hun entered into various treaties with the Romans. Each treaty involved higher sums of money to be paid by the emperor of Constantinople to Atilla the Hun. In one of the treaties, the Romans agreed to return the Hunnic fugitives, double their previous tribute to the Huns, open their markets to Hunnish traders and pay a ransom for each Roman taken prisoner by the Huns.

The Huns were so happy with the provisions of their treaties that they left the Roman Empire in peace and returned to their home in Hungary. Constantinople paid for peace with high amounts of money until Atilla the Hun eventually died. Through this tradition of paying for peace, they were able to avert a war with great losses.

King Theodosius II wisely used money to fight his wars with Atilla the Hun. Today, you must use money as a weapon when you have to.

Remember, dear leader, that you cannot save all the time! What is the point in storing up riches for a day that you will never see? What do you need today? Do you have the money for what you need? Will paying for something help you out of a crisis? Then pay for it! If buying something or spending money on something can help you out of your crisis then do it!

The Bible says:

… money answereth all things Ecclesiastes 10:19

Columnist: Dag Heward-Mills