A Must Read For Our New President

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 Source: Essel, Kojo Cobba

Your Excellency, I know you have very little time to spend reading since so many things may be engaging your attention each minute but I will be extremely brief (but not obscure) so that you can read this article personally. I bet that seat must be really hot.

For the first time in the history of our dear country the health of our president has become extremely important. Many suggestions have been thrown out there and while we all take time to find out what is best, kindly start with the following immediately!. I have a feeling you are already doing most of them.

1. Get a personal doctor (Ghanaian) and a small team to assist him or her.

a. There are excellent doctors in Ghana and I know you share that opinion. Get someone you trust but be rest assured doctors are professionals and it DOES NOT matter which party he/she belongs to, you will be taken good care of. Your doctor may need a few health professionals to assist. Your goal in my opinion should be someone who can act as a central point and get you the right specialist should the need arise.

b. Certainly you may have a doctor beyond the borders of this country but that professional should ALWAYS communicate with your primary doctor.

c. If you are worried about some of your personal information getting to the public domain(no professional worth his salt will do that), then let your medical team swear an oath.

2. Get a medical check-up

a. You may have had your medical check-up for the year already. Great! If you did this outside our borders, please repeat it here and have your doctor compare the results.

b. I am an advocate of routine checks such as your prostate, testes, colon, breast and that tall list. It is important you have all these done whenever you reach the suggested milestone.

3. Get a fitness instructor

a. I think I saw you jog on television. Right? You should get someone to direct what you do. This will avoid unnecessary strain or under exercising. You are fairly young and doing the right exercises will make you “stay young”, keep your brain sharp and hopefully reduce your medical bills.

4. A dietitian will come in handy

a. Recently I have noticed that you have put on a few extra kilos. A dietitian and your fitness instructor can together work magic for you.

b. It is not easy to control what you eat with so many receptions et cetera. What happens when you host and you do not touch any of the food?

5. Ensure an ambulance is always part of your convoy

a. I believe a good ambulance is an asset. Do get the right recommendation for getting an ambulance. It certainly can be custom-made; after all we have only one president. You need not have AMBULANCE written all over the one in your convoy or the one that is always on standby just for you. CFAO for instance have Mitsubishi Pajero ambulances that come in the same regular colours as “regular” SUVs. Their competitors may also have the same. So it will appear like any vehicle in your convoy and I believe it will be ideal for security reasons as well. Just listen to me talking security; certainly not my territory.

6. Training in basic First Aid techniques is crucial

a. It is very easy to die in Ghana. Try choking in a restaurant and if the almighty does not step in you will surely cross over. People will be screaming, some running aimlessly but trust me it is very likely no one will have a clue as to what to do. If choking is that bad then imagine the pandemonium if someone should collapse or fall unconscious. Many will show a clean pair of heels, others will force koko or fufu down your throat, the brave will poor buckets of water over you, while the been-tos will be screaming dial 911. What at all happened to basic CPR. Everyone close to you; at home, office or wherever you will find yourself will have to learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and I think you will need to learn that too. Certainly your medical team and your fitness instructor must be well versed in this and even more.

7. Make time to relax

a. You definitely have loads of work to do but you will not be able to do it all even if you worked 24hrs a day. I know you will prioritize but no matter what happens in a day spend 10 minutes with yourself; relax and de-stress. Listen to good music. Meditate. You may do anything except thinking of work.

8. Make God the focus

a. He will be your refuge. The fear of God is certainly the beginning of wisdom. If you make God the focus, when your work is done it will be difficult for anyone to point an accusing finger at you. That thought alone will keep you relaxed and also in a good position to reprimand those who go off course.

The health of a president is no matter to be toyed with. When a nation loses a father it affects us all. Together we will map out the most appropriate healthcare plan for the first gentleman of the country and probably extend it to cover more people over time.

Thank you Mr. President for making time to read these words.


Dr. Kojo Cobba Essel

Moms’ Health Club

*Dr Essel is a medical doctor and is ISSA certified in exercise therapy and fitness nutrition.

Thought for the week "Health a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Columnist: Essel, Kojo Cobba