A New Strange “Holy Bible” Published In Ghana

Sun, 25 Sep 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Our country, Ghana is fast becoming a religiously confused and a failed state ever since the publication of a new “Holy Bible” in 2009, by some mushroom church leaders whose names I will not mention until Wiki Leaks Exposes them very soon. After it was launched on the quiet in some of the numerous mushroom churches with bragging Pastors, Bishops, Cardinals and even men and women who claim to be more powerful than everybody on earth except Jesus Christ, thousands of people troop to these churches with women as the majority.

In Ghana, every bodily part of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ has a church.

It will be recalled that the erstwhile PNDC government took a very bold step to regulate and prune down the number of mushroom churches between 1983 and 1984 and all Hell broke loose in those years and Jerry Rawlings was cursed by the churches. Today – 2011 what are we hearing and seeing daily in Nkrumah’s Ghana?

The contents of this new “Holy Bible” are so negative that no decent and honest person will obey the commandments in that man made Bible.

The original Holy Bible we all know represent the Words of God who says all shall come to pass but His Holy Word remains forever since God is not mocked. As for this new “Bible” published by the Pastors and Bishops of these mushroom churches, their commandments are more than 50 but are strictly obeyed by their numerous followers nationwide who find it very hard to obey God’s ten (10) commandments, but can easily obey more than 50 commandments written by MAN. These are some of the notable commandments in that new “Holy Bible”.

1) Thou shall steal, but thou shall not be caught

2) Thou shall use and worship “Juju” first before worshiping God.

3) Thou shall deceive and defraud unsuspected members of the public and have sex with married beautiful women in church in the name of Jesus.

4) Thou shall NOT speak against Gay marriages

5) Thou shall encourage Lesbianism

6) Thou shall preach against political leaders who are radicals and who always speak the TRUTH and disobey thy commandments.

7) Thou shall mislead and confuse the congregation in the church.

8) Thou shall preach against a particular government and its policies whenever their party is in power.

9) Thou shall fully support another government and support its polices by preaching about such policies in their various churches whether those policies are GOOD or BAD.

10) Thou shall always consult fetish priests for satanic concoctions and use them to mix anointing oil for sale at prices ranging between GHc50.00 and GHc100.00.

11) Thou shall always preach about wealth no matter how it is acquired, and continue to tell lies daily.

12) Thou shall indulge in the sale of human beings through child trafficking, and even kill some, and sell their parts for money – in Jesus’ name – Amen.

13) Thou shall always SELL THE WORD OF GOD and use the proceeds to buy posh cars and build mansions for thy self.

14) Thou shall always listen to what I say, but not what I do as “anointed men” of God who are called by God to shave the pubic hair of women in thy church.

15) Thou shall teach teenage virgins practical biology on bed in thy church day and might, when they are pregnant, thou shall cause abortion for them.

16) Thou shall devote much attention to the underdevelopment of young innocent teenage girls in thy church by breaking their virginity in the name of Jesus – Amen.

17) Thou shall always shower praises on known drug barons always occupying the front seats in thy church in exchange for fat donations accruing from such drug money.

18) Thou shall encourage gay marriages in thy church.

19) Thou shall encourage fornication in thy church.

20) Thou shall encourage visa fraud and money laundering in thy church.

21) Thou shall settle marriage disputes and end up sleeping with the women through night counseling sessions.

22) Thou shall offer prayers to women at midnight in thy bedroom whether they are married or not, thou have the religious right to touch ANY PART of those women and offer deliverance in the name of God.

23) Thou shall attend church services 24hours a day without working, but God will make thee very rich. With all these negative activities, we have thousands of church goers in Ghana with only scores of few Christians who fear God and are living in poverty. Such churches are always filled to capacity as they preach about worldly man made properties, thus deceiving more souls to Hell. God Help Ghana.

24) Thou shall always preach virtue and practice Armed Robbery in the name of Jesus Christ and thou shall be blessed.

25) Thou shall detain married women in thy All Night Services and prevent them from cooking food for their husbands.

26) Thou shall ask the married women to divorce their husbands when they complain about their refusal to cook supper daily.

27) Thou shall always make excessive noise amidst drumming and dancing daily at residential areas in the cities and towns, and sue the residents in court when they complain about these noise making.

28) Thou shall rub “holy anointed oil” on thy finger and always insert it deep inside the vaginas of women whether they are married or not in Jesus name we pray – Amen.

29) Thou shall curse any man whose wife has been raped by a bragging pastor and cripple that man or his innocent child through the powers of “Juju” and Jesus Christ. Now, in which part, of the TRUE HOLY BIBLE did Jesus ever use “Juju” to perform miracles?

30) Thou shall always continue to swindle and extort monies from unsuspecting members of thy church with “Holy water,” “Holy anointed oil” in the Name of Jesus Christ.

31) Thou shall always bath naked women in thy church whether they are married or not, and use “holy oil” to insert inside their vaginas to remove FIBROIDS since no Doctor in Ghana can remove FIBROIDS from women – All in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – Amen. Dear reader, these are just 31 commandments out of the over 50 UNGODLY commandments being forced down the throats of church members with our women being in the majority. Any way, these are NOT MY WORDS, but it is the stubborn truth. For copies of the “New Holy Bible” that was published in Ghana, you can only read such Bibles in those churches and leave it there, because it will never be sold to you no matter your wealth, but I read it over and over again in about 10 mushroom churches and left that unholy book there before coming out with this article for public consumption. I would have mentioned names but I have no pesewa to pay to them, when they decide to sue me in court for libel to demand billions of Ghana Cedis – so TRY IT and see. In conclusion, Ghana will be in FLAMES when that American spy net work happens to penetrate these satanic mushroom churches to “Wiki Leak” and reveal their wickedness and their true colours.


Ghana’s Clergy has closed their eyes, plugged their ears and sealed their mouths as these THUGS IN CASSOCKS and AGENTS of SATAN IN CASSOCKS continue to pour “HOLY SEMEN” to fill the private parts of married women in some churches, all in the name of Jesus with impurity. The clergy must bow their THICK HEADS in shame. Any way, this is one of the most popular ingredients of Western Democracy that has been FORCED DOWN the throats of African countries including Ghana.


Believe it or not, the Mosllem religion has taken the FIRST POSITION in the way they preach, the way they dress and the way they quickly bury their dead members. It would be re-called that the Chief Imam flatly refused to say prayers for A DEAD MOSLEM ARMED ROBBER in Nima, a suburb of Accra, Ghana in August, 2011.

This religion is Pure, Peaceful, Truthful and Worth following by Right Thinking Ghanaians. Is anybody listening? I beg to drop my Bic here. Asallamaaleikum – Ghana!

Aluta Continua!






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement