A Poem For My President.

Tue, 27 Sep 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

In the haze of the 2007/2008 hardships I got furious with the drivers of our destiny

Those who rode on the great elephant They blamed the struggle on a world crisis I found difficult to define

I contributed with a thumb to yank them out of the Osu shrine Hell I did it in rage, I was mad for the "Golden Jubillee" jubilations and the self rewards

I still fumed in anger as they left the shrine in surprise To me you, Mr President looked more comely and fatherly

Your father for all talk soothed me I longed to start seeing the results of my betrayal of the elephant riders sometime soon

Foot sodier nonsense made me almost regret severing my thumb for you Not because those things happened, but because you did not stop them from attacking my brothers

Hell, not my brothers but your sons as well It was like a fog, I could hardly see clearly

Every life lost is painful, so I did not take the killings at Agbogbloshie lightly Why will I? But Why did you not remove the lid from on top of those murders?

A year, too short a time to judge you although I was disappointed by the drastic increases Yes, because that wasn't your promise, but three years is enough to have finished that road from Achimota to our neighbourhood

It was not part of the deal The deal did not include chasing me out of my office at the Ashaiman lorry park in broad day light

Those guys are criminals but why do you see them differently? You needed to protect me as our deal stated

But Alas!! they burnt down my house and no one was arrested I was only cooking for the school children am not a politician

I have never ridden the elephant, so why did they sent me home in tears? My children wept together with me.

I had idolised you to them, but now they hate you, Mr P Their father is no more manning the HIPC public toilet

Your boys chased him away with matchettes He came home bleeding

He has given you new names, worst than the one we gave the elephant riders He call you a traitor, a liar and a Hypocrite

I sure hate to hear him say that, but his wounds are still unhealed. I can hardly console him

You said you have a solution to bring me a better life Is it yet to come? Are the new taxes part of the solution?

I could not pay the old bills but now there is an increment Am already sleeping in the dark

My thumb has landed me here in this darkness If I knew I would have continued enjoying the free maternal care

If only I knew, I would have held on to the capitation thing Yes I would have kept the card that gave me free health care with just a yearly premium

The metro mass had started saving me some coins Gas was brought to my doorsteps, but now I will walk miles

I hate to say this, but I don't trust you any more Mr P I thought you were a fisherman like me, so why am I beaten

Sekondi my home is now like hell to me I don't know when they will bring the cane again

And I fear to dare step anywhere near the Osu shrine again Am scared of the tear gas

I have lost one ear for selling on my own table The apology came late cos my ear was already off

Am trying, but I wonder if I can ever trust you again Your tongue comes against insults but your boys are still insulting your school mates.

Do you hate that too or you hate it only when it comes your direction Nana Darkwah made us hear of fear and panic

What is the law for Anyidoho, Quashigah, Kwettey, Ablakwah and their folks' daily insults? what is the name of the law for the "Anita" woman who drove her car through a crowd?

Trampling and panic? Trampling upon our rights and causing panic among us

When I meet the man on the elephant I will appologise to him Please, Mr Pres, I have taken back my thumb

I sure will give it to the elephant rider Because I can't trust you no more. Sorry, but that is it.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame