A Poem: Ode to Prof. F.K.A. Allotey

Fri, 8 Jul 2011 Source: Allotey, Francis Kofi Ampenyin

*Francis Kofi Ampenyin Allotey*

Rarefied fields few chose to reach

Mathematical and nuclear physics

Few dare to preach

There are professors and there are professors

Allotey is a colossus of an African professor

Einstein was at Princeton

So was Allotey of Ghana

Einstein did his Theory of Relativity stunt

And turned science on its head,

Allotey brewed his Allotey Effect

And galvanised space travel and computer technology

Both Einstein and Allotey are of an ilk,

Mathematical geniuses who perhaps,

Were fed on special milk

Talk of quantum physics, plasma or thermonuclear reactions,

It is not as smooth as silk

It can make 99.99% people sick,

Like Halley’s Comet,

Such nerds come by

Once in a long while,

Perhaps, every 76 years!

Columnist: Allotey, Francis Kofi Ampenyin