Open Letter To The Director Of BNI

Wed, 5 Aug 2009 Source: Dahaman, John Moshie

Dear Sir, i wish to draw your attention to the conduct of one of your agents by name Prince. He is stationed at the Tolon Kumbugu district of the Northern Region but lives and does practically everything in Tamale.

Sir, i believe as staff of such a sensitive national security outfit, your boys ought to comport themselves in whatever they do and as much as possible, conceal their identities to carry out effectively their responsibility of protecting the state.

However Sir, Prince is the opposite of everything that your outfit stands for. He goes about bragging to everyone especially girls at drinking bars and night clubs that he is from the BNI and that he carries a shot gun in his car, at every little opportunity. Some of the places myself and many others have encountered him bragging openly whilst drinking heavily are NEXT DOOR BAR, TITTIS BAR, KING DAVID BAR, ROYAL NIGHT CLUB and CLUB DE CLASSIC, all in Tamale.

One another occasion whilst he was drinking with friends at Big Byte, a drinking bar in Tamale, i heard him making ‘statements’ about ‘happenings’ during the just held elections he claims he was involved in. I don’t want to repeat them here as even in my lay state, i classify them as ‘highly sensitive’ issues that could lead to violence especially in our very volatile region. When asked the same day how he got into the Bureau, he said an aunty of his, an NPP constituency executive helped push him there.

Sir, he has a Liberian girlfriend called Patience who goes about making trouble in town(Tamale) especially at a bar called TITIS because according to her, ‘‘ my boyfriend is BNI and if you joke, i will let him lock you’’. He(Prince) is also known to harass anyone who has any little issue with his Liberian girlfriend. If he does not call to personally threaten you, he comes to your house with his non security friends to harass and intimidate you with their so called ‘powers’. He boasts about because according to him, ‘ the district police commander be my paddy so i can let him lock anyone up’. This has obviously made Prince, his friends and Liberian girlfriend arrogant, disrespectful and very quarrelsome.

Sir, please permit my using this medium to bring this to your attention. I have tried getting contact details of your outfit including searching on the internet for sometime now all to no avail. I respectfully urge you to look into this matter and call him to order before things get out of hand and to protect the image of your outfit.

Yours faithfully,

John Moshie Dahaman,

moshie.dahaman@gmail.com Tamale

Columnist: Dahaman, John Moshie