The Last Great Question Of Dr Nkrumah

Fri, 14 Aug 2009 Source: The Goldeon Star

Ghana's democracy is a joke, a huge farce. And the politicians, who have sworn allegiance to this ideology know it themselves. They also know for a fact that, our multipartyism, isn't the answer to our socio-economic woes. It has never been and never would be, period. If anything, the political concept of multipartyism, is to promote corporate capitalism. Irrefutably, the notion of corporate capitalism, has nothing whatsoever to do with human exploration, but rather human exploitation. In essence, there is no capitalism or a indeed capitalist state, where a majority of its citizens aren't working as slaves. Or for instance, where the majority of the people, aren't working for the interest of a few. Even America, the mother of our modern day democracy, capitalized on her slaves to be wealthy.Wall street would have never been possible, had there been no slaves in America. In short, the entire capitalist Western world, was built on the backs of slaves. Human exploitation coupled to human misery.

Now how civilized is the Western civilization, in terms of its penchant for human exploitation? And I mean, human exploitation as a result of practising capitalism, capitalism as a result of practising democracy? What we need to understand is that, when it comes to practising capitalism, there is either no wrong or right way to making money. As long as you're making it. In short, all moral orders get suspended, when it comes to capitalism. All because capitalism is the survival of the fittest. It knows know law nor order. And democracy means that, one should have the liberty to apply all means necessary, either ethical or unethical to amass wealth. Even if it means being corrupt or practising similar acts of it. Mind you, the survival of the fittest, also means the survival of the individual only. Meaning that, there is absolutely no room, for nobody to think about nobody. The interest of the individual, is more important than the interest of his/her nation. It's each one for him/herself, and God for us all. Selfishness in all its grandeur.

Unarguably, if human exploitation is in synch with capitalism, and capitalism equals to democracy, then it means that, multipartyism, which is in synch with democracy, must be very wicked indeed. All because democracy, is in synch with human exploitation. And what's so noble and just about, the exploitation of human beings by other human beings, for corporate gain and interest? And by the way, why should a people, who share one country, one destiny, and have one purposeful goal in mind, affiliate themselves to the concept of multipartyism, which is based on division? We should be mindful that, multipartyism, endorses unnecessary competition amongst our political parties. This of course, does our country absolutely no good whatsoever. Multipartyism doesn't promote unity. And what doesn't unite, has the potential to unleash chaos and disorder. Ghana is one, her people are one, and a one party system should be in order by all means.

Multipartyism makes impossible for the various political parties, to work together as one. And because of this, the nation lacks diverse creative political solutions, needed to tackle her socio-economic woes. For example, one political party, might have a clever financial solution to something. Whilst the other, might have a brilliant agricultural solution to something. But without both of them either working, or communicating together under a one party system, well you know the answer. So which one should it be, a one party system, in which we are all part of the same team, or a multi-party system, in which it's each one for him/herself? Because united we stand, divided we..........

Columnist: The Goldeon Star