A Sketch History Of Ghana – Part 2

Thu, 9 Jun 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

1. When was the plebiscite organized to vote Yes or No for a new constitution? Ans. April, 1960.

2. What was the percentage of votes cast for DR. Kwame Nkrumah? Ans: 89.1% of the presidential votes.

3. What percentage of Ghanaians voted for that new constitution in 1960? Ans: 88.5%.

4. Which year was the United Party launched? Ans: November, 1951.

5. Who launched it and why? Ans: It was launched by the Late Dr. Busia in order to bring the scattered opposition forces under one umbrella.

6. What was the name of the Ga leader’s underground group which was formed to assassinate the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1958? Ans: Zenith Seven.

7. Why did Dr. Nkrumah send the Preventive Detention Act to Parliament to be passed into law in 1958?

Ans: To prevent t he Nation from being mangled at birth.

8. When was the first coup attempt in Ghana? Ans: In 1958 and it was masterminded by the late R.R. Amponsah and M.K. Apaloo.

9. Who was Mr. R.R. Amponsah? Ans: He was a member of the blood-soaked National Libration Movement (NLM). With “Mate-meho” as its local name.

10. What was the main aim of the dreaded National Libration Movement which the NPP represent today 2011? Ans: Its aim was to ensure that a small coterie dominates the country forever.

11. What actually happened before the CPP was finally overthrown on 24th February, 1966? Ans: There was INNER PARTY SQAUABLES as it is happening in the NDC party today 2011.

12. When did Dr. Kwame Nkrumah become the first elected president of Ghana? Ans: July 1st 1960.

13. What was the behaviour of the CPP leaders when the government was overthrown in 1966? Ans: They were all celebrating the fail of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah describing him as a thief dictator murderer, an alien etc. in full support of the coup leader’s – check it out. It will happen to the NDC if it loses the 2012 general elections.

14. Which was the first country to recognise the 1966 coup on 24th February, 1966 in Ghana? Ans:The then Soviet Union.

15. Which minister of state under the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was being backed by the dreaded American C.I.A. to seize power from Nkrumah? Ans: The late K. A Gbedemah.

16. Which minister in Dr. Nkrumah’s government was instructed to overthrow him and he rather asked the Americans to do that work? Ans: Mr. K. A. Gbedemah.

17. When did Dr. Nkrumah cut all contacts with the ordinary masses of the people? Ans: After the Kulungugu bomb attack.

18. How then did he know what was happening in the country? Ans: He was relying on his immediate aides to tell him what was happening in the country.

19. Did Dr. Nkrumah’s aides tell him the truth abut the actual plight of Ghanaians at that time? Ans: No, they told him lies, and wove a programme of evasions, and down right fabrications which they fed to Dr. Nkrumah, since they were afraid to offend him by telling him the TRUTH.

20. “Anybody who does not agree with us or support the United Party (NP) must pay with his head” Who said that? Ans: The late Dr. J. B. Danquah in 1958.

21. Which leading member of the CPP claimed that the Cocoa Purchasing Company was the “Atomic Bomb “of the CPP in 1954? Ans: The late Krobo Edusei.

22. What happened when the Van Lare Commission report in 1953 on Representational and Electoral Reform was published? Ans: There was complete dissatisfaction in Asante as to the number of electoral districts allotted to the region.

23. Was it limited to Asante alone? Ans: No, but it was in this region that the whole affair was turned into a major political issue.

24. How many elected representatives had the new legislative in 1953? Ans: 104 seats.

25. What was the allocation in terms of figures? Ans: Asante was allocated 21 seats, 2 more than the number for 1951. The whole Northern region was given 26 seats. The Colony 44, and Tras-volta Togo land 13 seats. Trans-volta Togoland is now the present day Volta Region of Ghana.

26. Why was Asante claiming wore seats in the Legislative Assembly in 1953? Ans. Asante’s claim was that it produced half of the cocoa, a large proportion of the gold and timber, and therefore was entitled to a large proportion of the overall seats than had been allocated to it.

27. Which group of Asante politicians spoke vehemently in the Assembly and were demanding 30 seats? Ans: Mr. B.F. Kusi, a UP politician, and even CPP stalwarts like Krobo Edusei and Atta Mensah.

28. Who said that “The point is sentiment, all Asantis the sentiment that” Asante is a nation and not a region at all because they should be considered a nation? Ans: The late B. F. Kusi.

29. In effect, what were those politicians preaching and agitating for? Ans:They were OPENLY PREACHING TRIBALISM and also agitating for Federalism on a very narrow tribal front which fell on the rocks.

30. What set the stage for the most violent political upheavals in the life of this nation – upheavals whose echoes were heard loudly in 1969 under Dr. K.A. Busia and in 1979 under Jerry Rawlings when the so-called elaborately – worded constitutions that seemed to be gifts from SAINTS, SCHOLARS and LAWYERS? Ans: Tribal politics.

31. Who formed the Ghana Congress Party out of the remnants of the U.G.C.C? Ans: Dr. K.A Busia.

32. What was the aim of that party? Ans: To supply an effective opposition to the then CPP government headed by the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

33. How did some political analysts and even some white men like Dennis Austin describe the aims of Dr. Busia’s new political party? Ans: They said Dr. Busia’s claim was modest.

34. Was Dr. Busia’s claims and intentions really modest after he launched the Ghana Congress Party? Ans: No, it was an aim in pursuit of which bombs will be thrown, and innocent men, women and children will all be killed, and ultimately Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP government will be overthrown in a bloody coup de’tat on 24th February, 1966 to enable Dr. Busia to return from a C.I.A financed exile in Leiden, Holland to be “elected” Ghana’s 2nd Prime Minister on a silver platter in 1969.

35. Where did Dr. Busia’s Ghana Congress Party draw its members from? Ans: They were drawn from the people expelled from the CPP in 1951 and 1952, and they included; Ashlie Nikoi, Mate Kole, HP Nyemitei, Dzenkle Dzewu, Saki Scheck, B.F Kusi and Kwesi Lamptey.

36. Who compared Dr. Nkrumah to Adolf Hitler leading a band of illiterates against the Ghana Congress Party which was led by intellectual giants which will save the country from a “one party” state which was evil, the evil of directorship? Ans: Tawiah Adamafio a dismissed former leading member of the CPP.

37. Which people described the CPP as a fascists organisation because it used flags, slogans, picnics and its leader was charismatic? Ans: Mr. Tawiah Adamafio and Dr. K. A Busia in 1953.

38. Who were the first political Traitors in Ghana? Ans: Mr. K. A Gbedemoh, Tawiah Adamafio, B.F Kusi and all those who surrounded the late Dr. Nkrumah to wreck his excellent vision for personal wealth.

39. Which Ghanaian politician survived all the changes of governments to become one of the criminal pillars of the People’s National Party (PNP) Government of Dr. Hilla Liman from 1979 – 1981? Ans: Krobo Edusei.

40. How did Krobo Edusei end his political career finally? Ans: He ended his political career in prison on multiple charges of corruption, joining others, including the party chairman, to corrupt the political process by collecting huge bribes from an Italian business man.

41. What was the re-action of the late President Hilla Liman to the massive corruption in his party and government? Ans: Dr. Liman maintained that he did not know about those matters and even bragged that his government was rather very clean and honest – Double Jesus of Nazareth and Madina!

42. Who was the most energetic of the CPP Verandah Boys in Ashanti Region? Ans: Krobo Edusei.

43. What was the re-action of Krobo Edusei when the late Dr. Nkrumah was violently overthrown in a bloody military coup de’tat on 24th February, 1966? Ans: He described Dr. Nkruimah as Ghana’s NO.1thief, a dictator and even told a commission of enquiry set up by the NLC military junta that he had personally carried gold bars belonging to Nkrumah from Accra to Cairo to be given to Dr. Nkrumah’s father – in – law.

44. How can you then describe the late Krobo Edusei? Ans: He was a very opulent and loud mouthed political wheeler – dealer to the last.

45. Who always compound Dr. Nkrumah into a Leninist Czar, a marvelous political monster which could only have been conjured by a superb political trickster of an anti – African cast of mind? Ans: Professor Ali Mozrui.

46. Which group of politicians proclaimed that CPP members are VERY ORDINARY MEMBERS from POOR FAMILIES while members of the United Party (UP) were coming from Rich Royal Families and were men of logic? Ans: Dr. K. A. Busia and all the leading members of his Ghana Congress Party in their violent and tribal political fight with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

47. Which political tradition always infiltrate the Ghana Armed Forces in order to recruit coup makers? Ans: The Danquah / Busia tradition, which the NPP represent today – 2011.

48. Which civilian politicians infiltrated the Armed Forces and recruited Major Awhaitey and other soldiers to overthrow Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government in 1958, just one year after Ghana’s independence in 1957? Ans: Mr. R.R Amponsah and Modesto Apaloo both members of the Danquah / Busia tradition.

49. Which Ghanaian politician falsely believed that Ghana’s problems could be solved by distributing contraceptives to school girls and exhorting families to control child birth in 1970?

Ans: Dr. K. A Busia and his Progress party government.

50. Who compared both Dr. Nkrumah and Dr. Busia and Portrayed Nkrumah as a man of the people and that Busia was just the opposite since it would be difficult to imagine Busia doing a folk dance or giving in a sing song and making the ordinary people feel at ease? Ans: Charles E. Lewis, an English writer who spent several years in Ghana.

51. Which politician was offered a post or an appointment by Dr. Nkrumah and he flatly rejected it on the grounds that Nkrumah was a demagogue of inferior intellect and a corrupt dictator? Ans: Dr. K. A Busia in 1953

52. Which group of politicians fiercely fought against the construction of the Akosombo Dam by Dr. Nkrumah simply because it was a project that boosted the image of the CPP government? Ans: Dr. K. A Busia and J.B Danquah who even pleaded with the U.S government NOT to give out any loan to Dr. Nkrumah to construct Akosombo.

53. What was the fate of the National Libration Movement (NLM) after Ghana’s independence in 1957? Ans: It was a UNION of frustrated chiefs and intellectuals who were still indignant at the loss of power and influence in the administration of Ghana.

54. Which Ghanaian Prime Minister never appointed ANY EWE in his cabinet until he was overthrown by the military in 1972? Ans: Dr. K. A Busia and his Progress Party government in 1969 - 72

55. “If Africans see me entering hotels from which they are barred under Apartheid laws, it oculd give them some inspiration” – who said this? Ans: Mr. William Ofori Atta the then Foreign Minister in Busia’s government in response to South African University students in vitiation to him to visit South Africa in 1971.

56. Who said “Africa is now very happy with Ghana. The handshakes and back patting all round show the old spirit of Ghana is that countries much bigger than Ghana come up and say that Ghana should resume her leadership. We were unhappy to see Ghana in such obscurity”. Ans: Major General N.A Aferi, then National Redemption Council (NRC) Commissioner for External Affairs who summed up the feeling in the first O.A.U meeting in Rabat, Morocco after the overthrow of Dr. Busia’s Progress Party government in 1972.

57. Whose academic credentials meant that he “knew everything because he even taught Europeans in Oxford University and was seen as an African who acquired so much knowledge that running the Ghanaian government as a Prime Minister was NO PROBLEM at all for him in 169? Ans: Dr. K. A Busia.

58. What actually happened after Dr. Busia contested the 1969 general elections against his own shadow and “won” in a land slide in 1979? Ans: Busia’s government behaved very arrogantly and foolishly of as his fall from power clearly showed that men of impeccable academic qualifications DO NOT ACTUALLY make good political leaders because their brains are always choked with foreign values and culture which are alien to Africans.

59. How will you describe the late Dr. Busia as Opposition leader and Busia, the Prime Minister leading the Progress Party government from 1969 to 1972? Ans: He was more effective as an opposition leader, but very confused and dazed as a Prime Minster who could not do any positive thing for Ghana but resorted in DISMISSING and imprisoning all political opponents, and he had to be toppled.

60. What was the relations between Dr. Busia’s Progress Party government and Senior Ewe Army Officers in Ghana? Ans: They were all removed and by 1972, there was only one Ewe officer, Col. Tevie, in a Senior position, yes, Busia feared a coup de’tat but he was rather overthrown by his own country man, Col. Acheampong who was a full blooded Akan, Nonsense, politicians must NOT joke with the Armed Forces in Ghana.

61. Whose government was out to ELIMINATE ALL OPPOSITION ELEMENTS in Ghana by harassing opposition newspapers like “The Spokesman” then edited by Mr. Kofi Badu. Ghana Police raided printing press associated with its publication while Mr. C. C. Wentum the then Managing Director was held at the Police Headquarters for 6hours in 1971? Ans: Dr. K. A Busia’s so – called democratic progress party government from 1969 to 1972 – well, did Ex-Prez. Kufuor Not Try unsuccessfully to destroy the NDC from 2001 to 2008.

62. Which former Military Head of State supported the overthrow of Dr. Busia on the grounds that the evils of Dr. Nkrumah’s regime which led to his overthrow on 24th February, 1966 still existed? Ans: General A.A. Afrifa.

63. Which former leader was arrested at Dr. Busia’s Odorkor residence apparently planting to lead Army Units from Kumasi into Accra to challenge the new leaders of the NRC military junta on 15th January, 1972? Ans: General A. A. Afrifa.

64. “We employ soldiers to defend us, not to destroy us and paid a glowing tribute to those soldiers who violently over threw Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government in 1966, but decided to condemn the same soldiers in 1972 when he was also overthrown” who was that Professional Fool and a Tribal bigot? Ans: Dr. K. A Busia former Prime Minister of Ghana.

65. “In the period of the Busia’s administration, Ghanaians had seen the arrogance of politicians who claim to be the re positories of all knowledge and treated the electorate with utter contempt? Ans: It is to be understood, therefore that people showed no sympathy whatsoever for the overthrow of these politicians who had POWER handed over to them VIRTUALLY ON A SILVER PLATTER and from whom so much was expected in 1969” Ghanaian Times – January, 1972.

66. Can you name the four friendly countries that decided to restore Busia to power after his overthrow by Col. ACheampong in a military coup de’tat in January, 1972? Ans: Yes, those countries were Britain, France, Cote d’voire and of course the United States of America – why NOT? They were Busia’s Allies.

67. Who were the FOUR CIVILIANS and FIVE SOLDIERS who plotted to overthrow Col. Acheampong’s regime on Friday 14th July, 1972? Ans: Some dis-grunted businessmen and former officials of the BANNED PROGRESS PARTY who were asking on the orders of the deposed Prime Minister – They were; Emil Adzimo, former Secretary to Busia, George Kofi Ansah, Ofosu Amoah, a lecturer of law at the University of Ghana and the then Director to the Special Branch now (BNI), Daniel Owusu Dankwah Attakora, and David Afful Bimpong. The soldiers also included Sergeant Kwaku Nimako, Wilberforce Agyare, Sandys Johnson Opong – Nyantakyi, Private Charles Adu Boateng and Kwaku Oduro respectively.

68. At the trial of he coup plotters which Foreign Diplomat was alleged to carry certain messages to the then deposed Prime Minister – Dr. K. A. Busia? Ans: The Fench Ambassador in Ghana some of these Diplomats are posted here only to interfere in Ghana’s internal affairs with impunity.

69. “Based on my travels throughout the country, I knew how unpopular Busia and his Party had become and I am forming my own party. Who said this in 1978? Ans: General (rtd) Afrifa.

70. Which exiled former leader dispatched an Emissary with ten round trips air tickets for ten of his closest associates including William Ofori Atta, General (rtd) Afirifa, R.R Amponsah, J. H. Mensah and Vicotor Owusu to see him in London in 1978? Ans: Dr. K. A. Busia.

71. What was the reaction of General (rtd) Afrifa to Dr. Busia’s invitation urging him to see him in London? Ans: General (rtd) Afrifa refused to go but also told the Emissary to “go and tell that Blind Man that he won’t come”.

72. What kind of sickness actually put the late Dr. Busia in a big shock from which he never recovered? Ans: The Betrayal of the Confidence he had for General Afirifa.

73. When did the Democratic Dictator and Tribal Bigot finally die in London? Ans: Dr. Busia died on 28th August, 1978.

74. What was the name of the dominant group that stood against General Acheampong’s Union Government idea in 1978? Ans: The Peoples Movement for Freedom and Justice (PMFJ).

75. Who were the original members of the PMFJ? Ans: General (rtd) Afirifa, William Ofori Atta, G.W. Amarteyfio, Mr. K. A Gbedemah, Professor Adu Boahen and Nana Akuffo Addo – The current flag bearer of the NPP.

76. What were the main aims and objectives of the Cenre for Civic Education Set up by the National Liberation Council? Ans: It was charged with the “de – Nkrumanization” of Ghana’s population and the Centre was directed by Dr. Busia who used that opportunity to campaign and market himself for 3 solid years, before forming the Progress Party with him as the flag bearer. At a time there was a total ban on party politics, Dr. Busia was allowed to campaign throughout Ghana by Gen. (rtd) Afrifa and his military junta members.

77. “Now that you are the Prime Minister of Ghana, how are you going to implement the main agenda of the National Liberation Movement (NLM) with “Mate meho” as its local name, I mean the idea of Federalism etc”? Ans: This was a major question posed to the late Dr. Busia by the late Otumfuo Agyeman Prempeh II at his place in Kumasi in 1970 – In response Dr. Busia told the Asante King that THEY HAVE DISCARDED THE NLM and the FEDERALISM IDEA. Look at that – and you people killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in your political fight with Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government. Because of the same Federalism? How sad it is today 2011.

78. On behalf of the detainees while in exile, what was the name of the group that was campaigning for Busia even though there was a ban on party politics in 1967? Ans: The Busia’s Intelligent Boys (BIB) did that dirty job for him.

79. How much did Dr. Busia spend in political organization at that time? Ans: ¢24,676, if compared to today 2011, the amount will be GH¢246.76million.

80. Why did Joe Appiah and M.K. Apaloo Split with Dr. Busia in 1969. Ans: They felt that Busia had not satisfactorily accounted for the money he had collected from the Europeans on behalf of the Refugees including Joe Appiah and Mr. Apaloo.

81. Which Ghanaian historian wrote a history book on Ghana without reference to the role of the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah? Ans: The late Professor Adu Boahen.

82. Which Ghanaian politician said that “some chiefs will Run away and leave their sandals behind, if they try to undermine his government in 1964? Ans: The late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his progressive CPP government.

83. What led to that stern warning to the chiefs of Ghana by the late Dr. Nkrumah? Ans: Dr. Nkrumah politicized the Chieftaincy Institution to the extent that non royals who were pro – CPP members became Chiefs with government recognition while the rightful heirs to those Skins and Stools were side lined by the CPP government because of Political Power.

84. What happened after Dr. Nkrumah’s violent overthrow on 24th February, 1966? Ans: All the pro-CPP Chiefs that were not qualified to become Chiefs were all removed together with even those who were qualified because of their pro-CPP backgrounds.

85. Which government finally barred chiefs, who are the custodians of our Culture and Lands from party politics? Ans: The revolutionary government of the PNDC with Jerry Rawlings as the then PNDC Chairman whom some Ghanaians love to hate.

86. What did Ex-president Kufuor tell Ghanaians after the outright sale of the government’s 20% Golden Shares in the former Ashanti Goldfields Company? Ans: He told Ghanaians that it was a Merger between the Government of Ghana and AngloGold Ashanti and yet No government has control over AGA Ltd in Ghana at all forever.

87. Therefore, did Ex-Prez. Kufour tell Ghanaians the Truth as the then President of Ghana?

Ans: No, the British even called him to Britain and gave him a red carpet treatment to inspect a Guard of Honour mounted in his honour.

88. What happened to the then C.E.O OF AngloGold Ashanti who supervised the sale of AGC in 2004? Ans: He was also invited by the Queen of England and Knighted with the new title Sir San Jonah (KBE)

89. What was the reward of the hard working labour force of AGA Ltd? Ans: They were each rewarded with one Bottle of Star Beer.

90. What happened at the Len Clay Sports Stadium which was the venue where the workers were rewarded? Ans: The Ghana Police deployed huge container trucks filled with HOTWATER to the Stadium while some Policemen armed themselves to the teeth just to ensure that NOBODY coughed and it was exactly quiet – How sad it was for the Poor Miners of AngloGold Ashanti – Obuasi Mine.

91. Which Political Party is the first in the annals of Ghana’s history to criticise its own Government and other party officials publicly in this country? Ans: The National Democratic Congress (NDC) ever since it became the ruling party in 2009.

92. Is this healthy for party cohesion and democracy in Ghana? Ans: In MY opinion, it is neither good nor bad, but it is necessary because many party members put their lives on the line and perished in their bid to wrestle power from the vicious tribal government of the NPP government.

93. What is the relationship between Rawlings and all those who were assisted in various ways to climb the political ladder as well as the Public and Civil Service in Ghana? Ans: Most of them are now his Number one enemies who even wish his death today 2011.

94. In September 2003, who directed that “All Diplomatic Privileges and courtesies accorded to Flt. Lt. Rawlings as a former President on his foreign travels should be withdrawn? Ans: Nana Akuffo Addo, then Foreign Minister and now the NPP flagbearer.

95. Which government wrote to International Organizations that the 31st December Women’s Movement has ceased to exist in Ghana? Ans: The NPP government in a bid to cripple the Movement.

96. Why should I put ARMS in the hands of MY ENEMY, that was a question thrown to the UN Secretary General and Mr. Emeka Anyauko, former Commonwealth Secretary General for what?

Ans: The NPP government was deliberately with holding $1.5million dollars required by the 31st DWM to purchase computers, staff vehicles and workers uniforms to start operating the Calf Cocoa Processing Company situated at Kpone near Tema. Do you see how damn wicked Kufuor can be? And yet NPP members falsely describe him as a Gentle Giant. He is a wicked and violent giant.

97. Who stopped the Monthly Allowances of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings while other former first ladies were paid including Theresa Kufuor? Ans: Ex – Prez J. A. Kufuor, the so-called Gentle Giant of the NPP.

98. Who ordered the withdrawal of all teachers from the December 31st Women Movement Schools throughout the country? Ans: Ex-Prez. J. A. Kufuor.

99. Who was the most hated Public Servant under Jerry Rawlings’ government that was a target of the NPP government from 2001 – 2008? Ans: Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata, former C.E.O of the GNPC.

100. What will you do when your husband assumes office in 2001? Ans: I will sit at home and be the good wife that I should be for my husband – Theresa Kufuor. Alluta Continua!

“Jaanbie Iwaii”




I have written this article targeting Ghana Youth in general and NDC Youth in particular. So you keep your fingers crossed. I shall return with part three of this write up. I am out to educate those who were not born during Dr. J.B. Danquah and Dr. Busia’s tribal and political fight with the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah where thousands of innocent men, women and children died in the name of Dirty Politics

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement