A Sketch History Of Ghana Part 7

Sat, 22 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

1. What can NDC members do in order to understand election 2008 in Ghana? Ans: We must understand what happened in the past.

2. What was the re-action of the NPP in 2005, when the NDC complained about the increase of fees to GH¢1,600 at the Law School? Ans: The NPP told the NDC that the Law Profession is NOT meant for the children of farmers, traders and miners.

3. Was it only the NPP that wanted to remove the NDC from power in 2000? Ans: No, the International Community wanted the NDC out, by making the people of Ghana to suffer to enable them vote against the NDC.

4. What made it very difficult for the NDC to even get 49% in 2000? Ans: Our own party members. eg. Goosie Tannoh’s Break Away to form the National Reform Party because of the imposition of Prof. Mills by Rawlings as the sole NDC Presidential Candidate (2) The imposition of Parliamentary Candidates by the NDC National leadership in some constituencies. (3) Extreme complacency by NDC members like it happened to the NPP in December 2008 and (4) Dictatorship by all the top party gurus who remarked that “the party is supreme” These behaviour by the top party gurus led to our defeat in the 2000 general elections. It is a hundred percent factual.

5. What happened to the Presidential candidate Atta Mills.? Ans: The NDC party itself was undermining Mills’.

6. Which leading member of the NDC did not vote or campaign for the NDC in 2004? Ans: Dr. Obed Asamoah.

7. What was the main reason behind the setting up of the National Reconciliation Commission by the NPP in Ghana? Ans: It was set so that Ghanaians should NOT VOTE for the NDC in 2004, but it failed.

8. What percentage did Mr. J.A Kufour get in 1996 when he contested against Jerry Rawlings? Ans: 38%.

9. What percentage did Prof. Mills get in 2000 when he contested against J.A kufour in 2000? Ans: 45%.

10. During the 2000 general elections, what happened in Ghana? Ans: There were warships in our waters manned by U.S. Marines because the International Community was informed by the NPP that Rawlings will NEVER hand over to the NPP if the NDC lost that election.

11. Who informed the International Community to come to our aid, and the World Policeman brought his warships to Ghana? Ans: The vicious tribal NPP.

12. Who told NDC MPs to go and campaign for themselves and leave Atta Mills alone in 2004? Ans: Dr. Obed Asamoah, then National Chairman of the NDC.

13. What was the re-action of Obed Asamoah when Atta Mills lost the 2004 elections?Ans: He jubilated.

14. What are the meanings of Manifestoes in Ghana? Ans: They are meant for the political parties and NOT the Presidential Candidates.

15. What happened when Hon. Kwame Peprah was illegally jailed by the NPP government on the orders of Ex-Prez. Kofuor? Ans: Some top NDC gurus were very happy.

16. What is the meaning of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)? Ans: It means Ghana should NOT cultivate Rice, Yams, Cotton, beans and maize.

17. What was another reason why the NDC lost in 2000? Ans: Ghanaians were tired of the NDC and did not want to vote for it.

18. When Rawlings asked Ghanaians to adopt an approach of Positive Defiiance, what did Nana Akuffo Addo, the then Attorney General say or do? Ans: He said what Rawlings said was Treasonable and punishable by Death.

19. As a Presidential Candidate of the NPP today 2011, didn’t he ask his party membes to adopt an “All die be Die” slogan in next year’s general elections to enable him become Ghana’s President? Ans: Yes, Nana Akuffo Addo the Professional Anarchist said it.

20. Now, adopting a Positive Defiance Approach and the “All die be die” approach, which is more treasonable and punishable by death? Ans: Nana Akuffo Addo’s statement.

21. Who said; I have no problem with individual journalists but I have problem with people who cannot speak the truth and rather lie about others. Ans: Jerry Rawlings.

22. Which group of politicians said that Rawlings has been in power for 20 years and delivered NOTHING? Ans: The NPP.

23. Are the NPP members being Honest and truthful to Ghanaians? Ans: No, when they are in power, they are very ruthless and when they are in opposition, they are always irresponsible.

24. With what agenda did the NPP enter government in 2001? Ans: An Agenda of Non-co-operation with the NDC.

25. What was enshrined in their 2000 Pre-election campaign strategy document? Ans: To ensure the total disintegration of the NDC by the end of 2004 which they failed woefully.

26. Which group of politicians told Ghanaians that “we don’t eat roads, we don’t eat electricity, and we don’t eat hospitals and school buildings – the NDC did nothing for 20 years in 1999? Ans: Mr. Kufuor and his NPP members who were then in opposition. When they lied their way to power in 2001 – they were telling the same Ghanaians to look at the numerous projects listed above to retain them in the 2008 general elections.

27. What were the characteristics of the political legacy of the NPP regime from 2001 to 2008 in which Nana Akuffo Addo the self-acclaimed democrat was a Cabinet Minister? Ans:

1. Policy to disintegrate the NDC

2. Manipulation of The Judiciary

3. Destruction of Civil Service Neutrality

4. Abuse of Presidential Patronage

5. A Rubber stamp parliament

6. Controlled Ghanaian media and the politicization of the Police from 2001 to 2008.

28. Which NPP politician stated that the NDC is in power but the NPP is in control? Ans: Hon. Dan Botwe, MP for Okere.

29. Has Dan Botwe spoken the Truth? Ans: Yes, he is 100% correct, because the NPP has firm grip of the bench, and 98% of its members are card bearing members of the NPP, while the Chief of the Bench is related to Atta Akyea, and NPP mp FOR Abuakwa South – so they are fully in control of one of the most important Arms of the government.

30. What is the main Agenda of the NPP now in Opposition 2011? Ans: They are making the administration of the country virtually impossible because of these double faced attitudes.

31. In the history of Ghana, when did Cabinet Policy Decisions and Ministerial actions have to be explained by such persons at the Police Station? Ans: During the NPP regime from 2001 to 2008.

32. Which administration did NOT WANT to add value to the democratic foundations that Ghanaians had for themselves since 1992 – 2000 and rather became pre-occupied with showing off its political power with retribution and witch hunting? Ans: The NPP administration from 2001to 2008.

33. Under which government of Ghana was it a criminal offence for Any body to tell somebody that our Plan Has Worked? Ans: The NPP government under Ex-Prez. Kufuor.

34. Who was arrested by the Police on the instruction of Prez. Kufuor who violated the 1992 constitution by sending an MP to detention in 2001? Ans: Hon. E.T Mensah, MP for Ningo Prampram.

35. Did the NDC arrest Nana Akuffo Addo who was also an MP for Abuakwa South to detention when he organized a violent demonstration against the introduction of VAT in 1995 which led to the death of four Ghanaians? Ans: No, the NDC rather upheld the 1992 constitutional provision by not arresting and detaining Akoffo Addo.

36. What happened when the Speaker of Parliament heard about Hon. E.T. Mensah’s illegal arrest and sent Rex Owusu Ansah, the clerk of parliament to find out. Ans: The clerk was treated with contempt by the BNI officials and delayed and virtually ignored, oh! Yes, that was Kufuor’s Positive change for you.

37. Who told Rawlings to come and sit by her side describing him as her son in May 2001? Ans: Nana Afua Kobi II, Queen Mother of Ashanti.

38. Who said; I have been authorized by the office of the President to terminate your appointment to act as the Director General of the National Development Planning Commission with immediate effect? Please, prepare and hand over all assets, documents and activities of the office of Director General appropriately to ME TODAY. Ans: Paa. Kwesi Nduom – who was HALF CPP and HALF NPP.

39. Under which regime could an innocent person be arrested and detained by the BNI with no proven allegations in a Constitutional era? Ans: Kufuor’s NPP regime, infact that rotten tribal regime begged several times for a bloody coup de’tat, but the military simply ignored them from 2001 – 2008.

40. Which two prominent politicians were Enemies of Progress in Ghana’s Forward March? Ans: Dr. J.B Danquah and Dr. K. A Busia whose former party is today’s NPP.

41. What was the main reason for the invitation of Jerry Rawlings by the BNI in 2004 for calling on Ghanaians to adopt “Positive Defiance” against the NPP government? Ans: To show Rawlings that he was NOT ABOVE THE LAW and that Kufuor could DEAL WITH HIM.

42. Did the first NDC government under President Rawlings ask the BNI to arrest Nana Akufo Addo in 1995 for organizing the “Kume Preko” demonstration that led to the death of four innocent Ghanaians? Ans: No, not at all.

43. Did that mean that Nana Akuffo Addo was also ABOVE THE LAW in 1995? Ans: No, Rawlings was only abiding by the 1992 constitution and this is the vast difference between the NDC and the NPP.

44. What did, Mr. N. A Welbeck , a former Information Minister and Party Propaganda Secretary of the CPP say when he was asked by the late Che Guevera, how many members the CPP had? Ans: He told him that the party had 7million supporters which was exactly the country’s population at that time.

45. After Mr. N.A Welbeck lied to the late Enesto Che Guevera that the CPP had a total membership of 7million supporters, what was his re-action to those lies? Ans: His response was total silence and a bemused smile, that was in 1964 and this writer had the privilege of shaking the hands of this Great Revolutionary from Cuba, so when Rawlings launched the 31st December Revolution in 1981 and Che’s name was always mentioned it was NOT strange to me at all.

46. When did the opposition party under Busia sense that the CPP’s victory had removed the ground form under his feet? Ans: The 1956 elections where the great CPP beat him for the third time.

47. Which part of Ghana did we have some degree of political unrest? Ans: In the Opposition enclaves in the Ashanti Region, parts of Volta Region and the sectarian movement for Asante seccession. Ewe unification and Ga sectarian claims against “strangers” received were ominous and threatening support.

48. Who was described by Obetseby Lamptey as a “stranger” when he won the Parliamentary elections in Accra Cenral with 23,122 votes and was released from Prison by the Governor in February 1951? Ans: Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

49. Who said: The Grace of God Exist in abundant measure for us all, but it does not descend on election day in the form of votes to fill ballot boxes. Ans: K. A. Gbedemoh

50. What was the re-action of the CPP when the Techiman hene formed the Brong Akyem pem Federation with t he support of the Dormanhene? Ans: The CPP supported these secessionist moves as they were useful to its survival in that turbulent region formally known as the Ashanti West.

51. Who stabbed Mr. E.Y. Baffoe, the NLM Propaganda Secretary to death? Ans: Mr. Twumasi Ankrah, the then CPP Youth Leader.

52. Who formed an Armed Group known as the Action Groupers in Kumasi? Ans: The National Liberation Movement which the NPP represents today.

53. Who also formed a counter Armed Group known as the Action Troopers also in Kumasi? Ans: Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP.

54. What really took place between these two political parties fighting for Political Power? Ans: Instead of using the Guns to chase the Whiteman away, these guns were being used to kill fellow Ghanaians because of political power and the blood of innocent men, women and children flowed like rivers of water, in Kumasi and Kyebi in the Eastern Region.

55. Which group nurtured a rumour that Dr. Nkrumah had demanded the Golden Stool? Ans: Members of the National Liberation Movement.

56. What was the General re-action of the Asantes? Ans: Oaths were sworn, and voluble threats were issued to challenge Nkrumah and the South.

57. Who said, “The Asante state had assumed full responsibility for the National Liberation Movement and its appeal was decidedly limited to Asante, its call to arms based on its past conquering glories of that state, I therefore pledge my full support for the NLM”? Ans: The Asante hene Nana Agyeman Prempeh II in 1955. T he Great Oath of Asante was sworn.

58. What happened after the Asantehene’s speech in support of the NLM and the swearing of the Great Oath? Ans: A number of Asante CPP leading members defected from the party to the NLM because of the Great Oath.

59. Who were they? Ans: Victor Owusu, R.R Amponsah and Joe Appiah respectively on 19th September, 1955.

60. Which President Abolished June 4 as a Public Holiday by Legislation even though it did not overthrow a civilian government and rather organized Ghana Armed Forces to travel to Togo to celebrate another bloody coup de’tat by the late Gen. Eyadema who killed President Sylvanus Olympio in that coup? Ans: Ex-President Kufuor – a very wicked man with a double face, he did that just to provoke J.J. Rawlings.

61. Who stood on the floor of parliament and said that Rawlings should be called upon to mount an anti-coup campaign in the Armed Forces? Ans: Mr. B.J da Roja an opposition Popular Front Party (PFP) member in 1980 under Dr. Limann’s government.

62. What was the general reaction of Ghanaians? Ans: They told Mr. da Roja that as long as we accommodate cheating and conceal crime, and as long as we continue to re-act only when we are personally affected by an injustice, there will ever be coups.

63. After Rawlings’ AFRC military Junta handed over power to Dr. Hilla Liman in September 1979, which security organization was faced with the scare of a poised –up Junior officers group and a radicalized ranks? Ans: The Military Intelligence (MI).

64. What was their Agenda? Ans: They planned several times to eliminate Jerry Rawlings because President Limann listened to whatever advice they gave him.

65. Since former President Limann listened to whatever advice the Military Inteligence gave him in 1980. Was he behind the several assassination attempts on Captain (rtd) Kojo Tsikata and Jerry Rawlings? Ans: Yes.

66. Did Dr. Limann think he could have won the 1979 general elections without the execution of those corrupt Generals on June 4 1979? Ans: It would have been RIGGED by Gen. Akuffo for Victor Owusu and NOT Dr. Limann who was completely New in Ghana and a political novice.

67. What was the Real Agenda of Dr. Limann and his PNP Security Gurus? Ans: To wipe off all the leaders and supporters of June 4 with the support of foreign powers and misrule Ghanaians.

68. In their impossible attempt to sweep June 4 and kill all its leaders and ordinary supporters in 1980 – 1981, what happened to them? Ans: They were riding on the back of Wild Hungry Lions who regrouped and launched the 31st December Revolution that rather swept them all away.

69. So, was the 31st December Revolution justified? Ans: Yes, it was more than justified because all those who launched that Uprising were Ghana’s No. 1 Patriots wherever they may be LIVING or DEAD.

70. Which group of people were instructed by Dr. Limann to deal ruthlessly with ANY JUNE 4 Supporter who stood and spoke against cheating, corruption and injustice in Ghana? Ans: The Military Intelligence Operatives.

71. What happened when Brigadier Arnold Quainoo went to the Military Academy to type a few letters in 1980? Ans: The Military Intelligence Machine gunned his car, so if he was in the car he might have died by now – Do you see all those terrible times that we went through – dear reader?

72. When Captain Kojo Tsikata was brutally beaten and dumped in condemned cells and he became sick and was taken to Hospital and Col. Acheampong heard about it what did he say? Ans: He ordered that Tsikata should be sent back to the cells to die there, so this AKAN VRS EWE rivalry will never, never end because the Ewes are always Right.

73. When the sick Tsikata was returned to the cells on the orders of Col. Acheampong – What happened next? Ans: They put A Coffin there waiting for him to die, but he never died.

74. What did the Catholic Priest Go To Tsikata’s cell to do? Ans: To Pray for him before he died.

75. When Captain (rtd) Tsikata’s attention was drawn by the Catholic Priest, what did he say? Ans: He rather told the Catholic Priest to Pray for Ghana.

76. What happened to those soldiers and officers who were suspected to have any contact win Rawlings after he handed over power to Dr. Limann in September 1979? Ans: They were falsely charged, interrogated, imprisoned and sometimes placed in Condemned cells and finally dismissed from the Army – oh! Yes, that was Dr. Limann’s Security Operatives in Action.

77. Who said; We did not seek laurels and trophies, let none do. We did not seek the exercise of naked power, let none betray the ultimate source of power, we did not seek to divide the country, let none do? Ans: Jerry Rawlings in a radio and T.V broadcast before he handed over power to Limann in September, 1979.

78. What did the AFRC Military Junta do in its 112 days that it was in power in June, 1979? Ans: It exposed greed lust for power and the wicked use of power to entrench, Privilege among A FEW IN SOCIETY.

79. After the handover by the AFRC Military Junta in 1979, which traditional ruler asked Ghanaians to Stop Attacking Rawlings and all the AFRC members and that they should rather concentrate on re-building the nation and stop eating back their words when they praised Rawlings with “Halleluya” when he overthrew General Akuffo’s SMC II but are now saying “Crucify Him” today like they did to Dr. Nkrumah? Ans: Nana Egya Odu Impraim – May 12th 1980.

80. Who said; If you go round the country side, you see people because they have lost Hope. Ans: Dr. Hilla Limann, former President of the 3rd Republic on 24th June, 1979.

81. Which Journalist was sponsored by Dr. Limann’s PNP government to use the pages of his newspaper” the Palava Tribune to destroy the June 4 Uprising in 1980? Ans: Chris Asher

82. What title did he give to himself? Ans: The Generalissimo against coups in Ghana.

83. Who was the first coward to cross the Ghana Togo Border when the 31st December, Revolution was launched? Ans: Chris Asher the So-called Journalist who stood Against Coups in Ghana.

84. In February 2001, whose house was searched for 4 good hours by the Army and Police looking for weapons and narcotic drugs but found nothing in Tamale? Ans: Alhaji Sumani Zakari, Northern Region Vice chairman of the NDC.

85. Who was ordered out humiliatingly by the then NPP Minister of Finance, Yaw Osafo Marfo at an Official reception organised by the Commonwealth Association of Tax Adminsitrators even though he was officially invited. Ans: Mr. David Adom, former Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service under the Rawlings’ NDC government.

86. Which former Auditor General was grabbed in the Church by Kufuor’s State Security agents when he was worshiping in a church and searched for official documents and later sent to the Police Station in April, 2001? Ans: Mr. Osei Tutu Prempeh.

87. Which former Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Rawlings regime was chased for his car by Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s BNI operatives even though he fully paid for the car? Ans: Mr. Victor Gbeho.

88. Who was voted the African Man of the year 2000 for facilitating democratic transition in Ghana? Ans: Jerry John Rawlings.

89. Who warned Rawlings in strong words to stay away from the Ghanaian Military and stop deluding himself that he is still the President of Ghana? Ans: Ex-Prez J. A. Kufuor in an interview with the London based West African Magazine – July 2002.

90. Has Rawlings ever told Ghanaians that he is more Superior to Ex-Prez. Kufuor? Ans: Not at all, it is pure envy and hatred on the part of Kufuor who failed to kill J.J. after several assassination attempts.

91. Who said; the point is that at any given time, there must be one clear and undoubted President. When you are blessed to serve your term, I believe it should be COMMON SENSE and DIGINIFYING on the part of an Ex-President to BEHAVE in a way that will be DECOROUS and would not give the impressing to the country and to the outside world that there are TWO MAJOR FORCES with regard to the PRESIDENCY in the land. Unfortunately, this is NOT what I see in my predecessor – Jerry Rawlings? Ans: Ex-President Kufuor in an answer to a Journalist during a Press Conference on September 6th 2002 in Accra.

92. What was the reaction of Ex-Prez. Kufuor when Jerry Rawlings Castigated him on the record level of corruption in his government during the “Wahala 2” demonstration on High Fuel Prices on 17th March, 2005? Ans: President Kufuor rather spoke through the Rev. Yaw Frimpong Manso Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana to remind Ghanaians that “There is an aspect of Ghanaian traditional society which subjects to sanction any person who does not accord a Leader with due respect.

93. Which presidential candidate was REFUSED ACCESS to the Volta Star F.M station on the orders of Ex-Prez. Kufuor when he wanted to use it to thank the people of the Volta Region for voting for him? Ans: Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, the then NDC Presidential Candidate, now Ghana’s President today, 2011.

94. From January 2001 – 2007, what did t he NPP government do? Ans: They Decreed that it was “Politically off season”, which was very illegal.

95. Who attributed the political stability in Ghana between 2001 – 2008 to the restraint by the opposition NDC in Ghana who must be given t he CREDIT for their restraint? Ans: Prof. Ali Mazrui in August 2007 – Accra.

96. Which politician entered the political arena as a Popular Hero, stayed in politics as a Vulnerable Hero and left political office as an Unbeaten Hero? Ans: Jerry Rawlings’

97. Who said; There are charlatans and opportunists in the country and warned that if ANY adventurist were to take up arms, they would BURN the farm lands and forests until there was NO FOOD TO EAT? Ans: Former President Hilla Limann.

98. When was the Criminal Libel Law passed in Parliament? Ans: 1960 and NOT during the Rawlings era.

99. When the “Heritage News Paper” was being launched who warned the journalist of that paper that “it will NOT survive if it went about its work like other existing news papers in Ghana”? Ans: Jake Obetsebey Lamptey then Minister of information in the NPP government.

100. Which politician was prevented by the Northern Regional Minister from speaking at a Tamale F.M radio station during the NPP administration? Ans: Hon. Alban Bagbin, then Minority Leader in Parliament.

101. Which National Chairman of the NPP accused his own government of collecting millions of bribes as “Kick backs” and the party ensured that he was removed from the Chairman position in 2006 or there about? Ans: Mr. Haruna Esseku who was punished by the NPP for opening his mouth two wide.

102. Which President declared a Zero Tolerance For Corruption and it turned out to be 100% Tolerance For Corruption and when he was criticized by Ghanaians, he said Corruption Is As Old As Adam, so if there was corruption in Ghana, Let The Perception Remain In Your Heads? Ans: Prez. Kufuor and his NPP government – 2001 to 2008.

103. Which politician was harassed, persecuted and so maligned by General Acheampong’s government that he was compelled to write a book entitled “This Earth, My Brother”? Ans: Professor Kofi Awoonor now Chairman of the Council of State in the Mills’ government. I have written this length Article in Good Faith which is very credible and I am targeting the Youth in Ghana generally and NDC Youth in particular, so that they will read about the fat lies, power struggles, intolerance, selfishness, sheer wickedness, unlawful behaviours and last but not the least, how undemocratic and dishonest some politicians in Africa, and Ghana in particular can be when they become Presidents of the Republic. However, it is only under Professor Atta Mills Presidency that we have seen him quietly delivering some of the promises he made in 2008 while the NDC Leadership have abandoned him to his fate and also taken a different direction to Define Ways of Managing The Political Force of Rawlings by even describing him as a Barking Dog in their impossible Attempt to do away with him. Well, we live to see the end results, because they have no mandate to do that.

Keep your fingers crossed and continue to enjoy reading this historic and factual article. I shall return when the need arise. Is any body listening? I am done. “Jaanbie Iwai”i. Aluta Continua!





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