A betrayal of the public trust

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 Source: Wumbei Napari

Any Ghanaian like me whose daily hobby is reading and listening to news both national and international would be worried as I am. This heartbreaking Ghana-US deal made Ghanaians hopes leapt upon hearing the news. Personally, I just feel betrayed by our leaders’ hypocrisy and weakened approach to issues that are concerns of our national security and the interest of mother Ghana.

Mr President, I wish I could call or meet you to have a face to face discussion about this issue of national interest. However, my message is that you should let Ghana be Ghana and not USA-GHANA. The waves of your message “GHANA BEYOND AID” is still travelling to the corridors of our dear nation and why this tune again? Do not sell Ghana to USA for a reward of many enemies across the world and also make Ghana become a potential participant in a future world war. Our running for shelter is only putting us in the limelight of nuclear strike by North Korean which is producing nukes to strike any US- interest around the world.

Our honourable Defense Minister qualifies not to be in that position if he indeed put the bill before Parliament. Any Ghanaian leader hoping to gain protection from this agreement does not fit to hold a position sensitive to national security. Mr. President, I am appealing to you and your cabinet to apologize to the citizens of this country for that grave mistake. To our honourable members of parliament in the two side, do not use the usually political voting to approve the selling of Ghana to USA. Again, to our honourable members of parliament, before you are deceived to believe that this military alliance will benefit Ghana in terms of national security, all of you should read about what actually brought into existence the term world war 2. WW2 started as a result of defense agreement among European nations after ww1. And as such, any illusion that any form of military agreement between Ghana and any nuclear armed state is myopic and hypocrisy in national interest.

Mr. President, you and your government should bear in mind that this military agreement will throw away the gains of those who struggled to liberate Ghana from colonialism which is not good for the current generation and generations unborn.

Mr President, the world has returned to a cold war status. I believed you and your government know more of this than Ghanaians, and as responsible leaders you should remain a neutral state without alliance to either side. This is only the assured security for Ghana and Ghanaians. Ghana suppose go back for the non-alliance movement to ensure world peace but not taking sides.


Columnist: Wumbei Napari
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