A chief in fisticuffs with a family member

Sun, 13 Mar 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

There is a rumour that is seriously gaining currency among some Ghanaians in certain Ghanaian circles in London that a powerful chief in Ghana was a few weeks ago involved in fisticuffs with a member of his extended family. Even though I can't believe the rumour 100%, if it did happen as alleged, then the chief really deserved the pummelling.

It is alleged that a very old female relative of the chief, she is in her eighties, approached the chief to warn him saying, "You are disgracing the family and the Stool by your actions. Everybody keeps mentioning your name, and then insults you because of your actions. You have been taking money from people and giving to them Stools that do not actually belong to them. You have been selling lands that do not belong to you hence causing troubles everywhere. Where are you going with all that money? You are really disgracing us so you had better stop"

The old lady having said just as stated above, the chief who had become uncontrollably infuriated, pushed her out of his way with force, without considering her physical frailty that comes with old age. The woman fell onto the ground.

When she left the presence of the chief, she phoned to her son in Accra narrating to him what has happened to her after confronting the chief to tell him her piece of mind. The son asked, "Did he actually push you onto the floor?" The old lady answered yes. Are you truly telling me that he did really push you onto the floor without considering your age?" The mother answered, yes.

The son told the mum, wait, I am coming over right now to teach him a lesson. The son jumped into his car and off he went to Kumasi. On arrival, he went to where the notorious chief lives and being a known family member, he easily gained access to the palace.

He asked all the security personnel to excuse them as he had come to consult with his brother the chief. He shut the gate behind him after the guards had gone outside. Once in the room, he questioned him on what grounds he pushed his mother onto the floor. Hardly had the chief answered him when he punched him, according to the rumour. They both started throwing blows at each other but in the end, the chief was beaten.

If the rumour is true as alleged, then I will side with the old woman. Out of her overflowing fountain of wisdom, her ability to foresee the consequences of the roguish attitudes of the chief that have become not only a local or regional but also, a national outcry, she made the right move to have warned him.

There is the looming risk of some divisional chiefs revolting against him and the Stool he occupies to bring about the eventual disintegration of the unity that binds his tribe and the divisions together. This will again have adverse impact or repercussion on his family, the occupants of the G. Stool.

If you won't listen, you will be made to feel it and that is exactly what the son of the old lady did to him.

Walls have ears. The truth will out. What took place indoors is now in the public domain. I pray it is not true as is rumoured. However, it is the held belief that "there is the slightest truth in every rumour"

"Nana Se wo Antie", is it true that you were beaten black and blue? I am just asking! If you were, then this is the beginning of the worse things to come your way under the very hands of your own family members who are becoming increasingly troubled by your reprehensible behaviour. They are worried that you have become an eyesore stain on their long-held household integrity.

"Ereba a na eeye"

This is "Asem sebe"

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson