The Awuku factor

Wed, 5 Jun 2019 Source: Richard Asante Yeboah

A lot of people do not understand why people continue to be loyal to Sammy Awuku, from his days as a youth organizer to his current position as the national organizer.

The answer is embedded in his conduct, the awesome relationship between him and the people he works closely with, the desire to project and offer opportunities to those who may be deemed to be his subordinates, the constant and consistent programmes to unearthed talent and recandle the winning spirit among his team simply excite me as an onlooker.

One thing I know for sure is that with Awuku, there's always a plan. With Awuku, there's always the desire to reconcile the rank and file. With Awuku, there's always a move to achieve. It appears he appreciates the concept, "We did it" rather than "I have done it".

From where I sit, I have seen and heard journalists preach about his generosity. I have encountered party faithfuls shower praises on him because he listens and offers them opportunities to address their concerns and difficulties...

Even the opposition NDC on several occasions have used public forum to tout Awuku's leadership abilities and skills.

I always tell people that as human, the way we conduct our affairs and the kind of love and care we offer our compatriots is our lives’ greatest CV

Columnist: Richard Asante Yeboah