A humble appeal to Alhassan Salifu Bawah of UEW

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Mon, 18 Mar 2019 Source: Dawda Eric

I have carefully monitored your stance on the current happenings in UEW and I must be Frank with you that, you are a clear definition of hypocrisy. A friend of mine sent your recent article to me this morning. After a fleeting perusal, I realised that you are empty with no conscience.

In your recent article, you attacked the current leadership of UTAG for joining the masses in calling for the removal of Prof.Anthony Afful Broni, your darling man who is at the center of the unfolding controversies in UEW. If I were you, I wouldn't have commented on the recent impasse in UEW for reasons that,(a) you were very instrumental in Avoke's debacle which obviously got him out of office(b) You were very vociferous during Avoke's hustle and tussle in Winneba High Court.

Your inconsistency and double-mindedness have been exposed by the feeble articles you have been writing in support of Anthony Afful Broni whose unlawful dismissal of Dr. Kaakyire Duku, and other senior lecturers on campus got students agitated to hit the streets to defend the right and freedom of their lecturers. Your quest to blame on Hon. Alex Afenyo Markin of being behind the recent troubles in UEW defines your intelligence as a lecturer.

I don't know the course you are teaching on campus but inference on your previous write-ups and today tell me that, your conscience isn't working as a human being.

When Anthony Afful Broni surreptitiously intercepted contract documents and leaked the same to Hon. Alex Afenyo Markin for actions to be taken against Prof. Avoke for endorsing the execution of a fraudulent contract against the Public Procurement Act,2003(Act 663), you wrote articles in support of Supi Kwayera's lawsuit against Avoke. You never described that action against Prof.Avoke as political interference.

Today, same contract Prof Anthony Afful Broni was not happy with and drew the attention of the Hon. Member of parliament to consider in order to salvage the university from the hands of looters.

Prof.Anthony Afful Broni is on record to have paid five times the amount Prof.Avoke paid for the execution of same. Because of Hon. Alex Afenyo Markin is principled and consistent, he has openly spoken against the criminal conduct of your darling man. Because of the this,you have decided to take him to the clearness. Aren't, you are a hypocrite?

Did you expect the Hon. Member of Parliament for Effutu in whose constituency UEW is located to sit aloof and watch Prof.Anthony Afful Broni milk the university dry when he is a taxpayer? Are you also aware that, the government of Ghana runs UEW with the taxpayer's money and by that, every citizen of Ghana is a stakeholder in the affairs of the university?

Are you also aware that, since he is a taxpayer, he has a say in the management and affairs of the university? your darling man on the face of records has spent in excess of Ghc Ghc5.7M in six weeks only on questionable transactions. You are not even commenting on that but rather, attacking innocent people because calumny and lies are your interest.

When you write thrash and Ghanaweb fails to publish it, you don't have to accuse anyone of conspiring with the said portal to block your publications. You should know better at your age. Stop the pettiness and get some principles for yourself.

Your colleague lecturers were unlawfully dismissed based on laughable claims and instead of you to speak against the basis upon which they were dismissed, you kept mute only for students to come out to defend their lecturers. How can this demonstration be the making of the Hon. Member of Parliament for Effutu for which reason he should be blamed for the impasse on UEW?

I am happy a private legal practitioner has filed a suit in court challenging the legitimacy of Anthony Afful Broni on the basis that, the statute of UEW wasn't adhered to in selecting him as the VC. Advice your darling to resign before he is thrown out of UEW as a misfit.

#Alhassan Salifu Bawah is not only funny but a disgrace to common sense#

Dawda Eric(Equity

UEW ALumnus

Columnist: Dawda Eric