A jealous cat called Theodore?

Theodore  Cat  Theodore the cat

Sun, 26 Aug 2018 Source: Joel Savage

Frederikke the beautiful blue-eyed Danish woman has been an animal lover ever since she was a little girl. Her passion for animals is so strong that she nurses every injured animal she comes across in her neighbourhood. She has one German shepherd and a cat called Theodore.

She has no boyfriend. Her animals have been her friends for many years. She is interested in men; according to her, but hasn’t found the right one yet. Denmark, one of the lovely countries in the Scandinavia is a wonderful place for tourists, visitors, and businessmen. Frederikke is really proud of her country.

Copenhagen, Aarhus and other cities have wonderful sea view, hosts of beautiful restaurants, shopping malls, exceptional boutiques, hotels and the famous Tivoli Gardens. Frederikke wishes to leave all that behind to settle in Norway when she met a handsome young man she wasn’t expecting.

It was love at first sight and the balanced chemistry strongly joined them together. It is likely that animals have emotions like human beings. They show it many times since they can’t speak. When she brought the man to her home, both the dog and the cat out of jealousy misbehaved, because Frederikke was giving more attention to his new boyfriend.

The dog acts aggressively, jumps straight to the bed and tears one of the pillows into shreds, but why the bed? This is another way one can detect the intelligence of animals. The bed is the right place where Frederikke and her new boyfriend would share their love, the dog, therefore, decides to prevent that to happen.

Frederikke’s boyfriend was totally disappointed. Towards the evening they had their meal and the man went back to the town. One summer Saturday, after sightseeing, Frederikke arrived home comfortable with Tom. After eating and taking some wine, the demand for each other came naturally and they went straight to bed, without knowing what was in store for them.

In the process, there was an ugly smell coming from the bed sheets. Both Tom and Frederikke found themselves swimming in Theodore’s waste matter. The arrival of Frederikke and her boyfriend pushed the jealous cat to do what they weren’t expecting. Theodore went straight to the bedroom to excrete into the sheets before the lovers engaged in any activity.

The lovemaking abruptly came to an end as the odour became unbearable. On the bed, they sat in the middle of the faeces, gazed at each other’s face and burst into laughter. What a cat? Tom asked.

“I have lived with them for a very long time without a man, that’s the source of the jealousness,” says Frederikke. This went on repeatedly a couple of times and Tom hatched a plan and it worked. He visits his girlfriend regularly with a delicious animal food.

Whilst enjoying with his girlfriend in the bedroom, Theodore, and the dog are also busy enjoying their meal. If you think animals have no emotions, then you better think twice. Treat them good and they will treat you good.

Columnist: Joel Savage