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A letter To Dr. Serebour

Doc. I hope you are doing good just as l am. I hope you are still enjoying your strike as innocent souls of Ghanaians who generously subsidized your medical training fee through their taxes continue to perish.

Doc. I know you have every right ,infact it's you constitutional preserve to embark on strike if you feel dissatisfied with your working conditions but the last time l checked your job is rated by the constitution as an essential service hence you are not supposed to down your tools just as the military, police and several other security agencies yet doctor your leadership defied this provision of the law and striked not even once or two but more.

Doc. l'm sure you were not elected to be the general secretary of the Ghana Medical Association ( GMA ) to be doing petty partisan politics and the bidding for the devil where precious lives are used as bargaining chip to sastisfy your parochial and insatiable financial desire or you have become a propagandist tool to frustrate the current administration? Sorry doc. I am just asking because l'm completely lost at the current state of affairs of the GMA of which you proudly masquerade as general secretary.

Doc. l have had the opportunity to listen to the tape of your interview on Hot Fm an Accra based radio station.

Infact the only reward l could get out of this tape after listening to your unprintable words was utter shock and sheer embarrassment .

Doctor infact you have disgraced yourself and several other good and intelligent people people who constitute the membership of the GMA or doc. you disagree with me? Oh really ...then let's chronicle what you said on the tape. Only the interesting excerpts.

"sick people should go and chew plant leaves" oh aaaba" a medical doctor vomiting such cheeks ? But before l even go into details, the gentleman and the communicators in the ruling NDC never offended you to be addressed with those profane words. The guy only expressed his frustrations about the incessant GMA's strike actions which are unlawful and dares the likes of you who cherish money than the lives of a Ghanaian to tender your resignation letter.

Yet you ignorantly addressed this gentleman as a fool and a jobless illiterate who feeds from the crumbs beneath government table for survival but on the contrary the gentleman is a British trained academia who have returned to Ghana to invest in Agriculture of which he has employed about 200 people who otherwise would have been tagged "jobless youth" who would often parade our city streets in search of non- existence job and end up unleashing terror on innocent people.

Doc. I don't know how many people you employ but do you still hold on the impression that such a character is an "illiterate fool" and a societal misfit? I know you acted in plain ignorance ,a restricted lane for intellectuals like you.

Dr Serebour, can you please tell us where you got your medical training from ? Again was invectives (insults) part of the syllabus you were taught in becoming a medical doctor? I guess no because that's a noble profession with much societal reverence then why did you stoop so low and fall for such an irresponsible comments in public.

But for the actions of the leadership of the GMA, being a doctor was one of the renowned occupation in the country but the likes of you have denigrated, defiled and dragged the integrity of the profession into the gutters. I understand you must earn a living from your job but yes the government is committed to providing all necessary support for you to work efficiently.

It's so unfortunate you have slipped into a hole of greed and turning other intelligent but naive docters into money worshippers, doctors who cherish ipone 6plus, galaxy 6 and galaxy edge as well as xperia z3 than the lifes of the sick, what a pitty.

Doc did l hear you say if someone was intelligent he would be a medical doctor? Wow ..very interesting. What makes you the think doctors wear the finest brain of intelligence than other professionals. It tells how shallow your understanding of realities are no wonder you are spearheading and inciting you colleague doctors against the state on the premise of limping proposals.

Doc. that is infact a sick impression, infact an over-stretch importance view you hold about your profession. Have you gotten that the introduction of fee paying has made it possible for lots of empty-headed but rich access to the class of medicine, who manuver their way into becoming doctors. If you doubt this, just take a trip and visit various hospital and access the sort of harm these "empty headed but rich doctors" are frequently pushing innocent souls into untimely rest through numerous medical errors and negligence.

But we cannot blame them because money has made them doctors and yet you sit there and talk about possession of "refined intelligence" is a reserved hallmark of the medical profession. Hahahaha....my 11 year old brother cannot stop laughing.

Doc tell us ..when are you going to resign because the president has stated unequivocally that he would stick to the principle of maintaining fiscal discipline irrespective of the political pressure.

Infact Dr. Serebour, l have paid for a couple of champagne cooling in my refrigerator waiting to throw a party for friends when you indeed tender your resignation letter. In infact the likes of GMA's current leadership is a walking disaster or call it a working risk to one of the most revered profession in Ghana and l sincerely know several people will join the celebration of your resignation. Infact your commitment to protect, safeguard and guarantee the lives of the citizenry and their health is threatened and overshadowed by greed and your love for money.

Doc. let me hasten to clarify to neutralise your impression that whoever bids for the government receive free fuel from government. lnfact doc. l don't even own a motor bike but as a citizen it's my ultimate responsibility to join the discourse that is of national interest.

You and friends should resign now because those plenty galloon of petrol you are asking for cannot be provided by the state. Infact your insatiable demands cannot be met so resign now.

Because the more you guys engage the media the more you keep injuring your integrity because it's obvious most of you doctors are socially illiterates. Those anatomy, suturing and prescription of amitriptyline do not have any social relevance and correlation.

Except few who have endeavor to invest in social education to embrace other intellengce outside the hospital. I listened to one Dr. Yankson who made a rather disgraceful comments that most of the ministers were their juniors at school so why should they earn that much than doctors? Look at this, a perceived intellectual talking like this...don't you think it's a huge indictment on you? Better still if you think it's that cheap to become a minister of the state, you can resign to join the political convoy and nobody will fault you for that other than that you shout up.

Doc. I heard your outfit is worried about the breach of non disclosure clause during negotiations but have you thought about how you have flouted the labour law with arrogance and impunity?

Per the law during negotiations no party is supposed to go on strike yet you are striking..lol

You think that shouldn't be a worry to government?

I believe in one principle that's whoever comes into equity must come with a clean hands. You don't bath blood and accused others of murder.

Doc l think you could have made a better case if you discussed the issue of non payment of junior doctors who worked for 11months. Because personally l do not understand why government should sit down and decide to delay the legitimate salaries of workers. Allowing junior doctors to besiege the premises of controller and accountant general's department before government hurry to pay them within 48hours. Quiet an embarrassing and a huge sign of inefficiency choking the system. As l speak people who have worked more that a year have had just three months of their salaries paid and have been asked to fill something called validation form .It has been almost close to one and half years now not even a dime have been paid and nothing seems to have been done about the situation. Is the authorities waiting for the people to strike before they rush to pay them as we often see? I think as a nation we need to move beyond such reactionary style of leadership to more savvy and serious one.

By the way doc, are you aware that even most of your members are not comfortable with this your unfortunate strike action coupled with what many described as outrageous demands asking from the state? Such greed informed demands built on grandiose occupational relevance cannot be catered for even by the more advanced and stable economies.

Doc. let's go back to your statement on the tape, a portion which keeps re-echoing in my ears is "only outstanding intellectuals could become doctors" and hence every state resources should be given to you because you are so special and superior to even lecturers who trained you to become doctors but doc. l have never encountered an intellectual who insults so badly like you or you too were possess by "geshie" Sir John's nemesis before the supreme court?

I know you are so much ashamed to returned to work because nobody is responding to your "mad demands" but never mind ooh doc, l know learned people like you always know how to undo self imposed shameful situations like this.

Besides doc, are not not rendering unqualified apology to the gentleman who was a victim to your unsavory words and Ghanaians at large? or are you that much ashamed to come out with an apology ...oh sorry give it a try to save the little integrity left for you and the credibility of the profession you and your friends have been manipulating to lead the devil's campaign.

For the leadership of GMA to incite some naive and ignorant doctors against the state which has invested so much in their bid to becoming doctors is the height of irresponsibility and betrayal to the hypocritical oath taken by all medical doctors. I know that oath has become an annul rhetoric merely recited for academic purposes and for the record which has no value of commitment.

Maybe the state should consider scrapping it. Surprisingly l have never heard this money seeking GMA charging its members to work hard for the state to get value for money. They are always chasing money like flies running after rotten meat.

Doc l don't want to give credence to the public perception that the entire leadership of the GMA are political fanatics in medical uniform doing the bidding for their political masters so it's important to save the sinked image of the GMA's leadership to be able to win the love of the numerous poor people on the streets of Ghana who paid for a significant amount of your training fee.

Someone's mother cannot die because doctors have embarked on illegitimate strike action demanding the impossible from a fractured economy which is gathering some momentum to serve its people but me and me and my friends insist doc Serebour, Yankson and Opoku Adusei must resign else the likes of me and several other will forever seem them as medical jokers who run comic relief in a tensioned economy. Ghana need committed working force to earn its monthly salary not workers with empty compassion. The Bible is my witness.

From :Ivan Kyei Innocent/nanakyei81@gmail.com/ 0206262717

Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei