A letter of admonition to John Mahama and all political parties in Ghana

John Mahama 71q.png Former President, John Dramani Mahama

Fri, 26 Feb 2021 Source: Joel Savage

Dear Ex-president John Mahama, it takes courage to speak the truth, therefore, only a few people have that courage. The truth can lead to someone’s death, make you lose all your friends, and even cost you your work. This is the reason today, Ghanaian politicians and the Supreme Court judges have become chronic liars, despite all of them swear an oath of appointments with the Holy Bible.

The entire Ghana nation declared you corrupt and you became the most hated president in Ghana, each day waking up from bed with insults pouring on your head and family. But your humbleness has paid off for Ghanaians to find out today who holds the master-key of corruption in Ghanaian politics.

Without wasting any time, I wish to tell you that the inefficient NPP government, under the leadership of Nana Akufo Addo, has destroyed Ghana, despite all the political unrest and the controversies surrounding his declaration as to the presidential winner of the 2020 elections, will still win or the NPP will be in power in 2024 if the right thing is not done.

Ghana is now heading to the dark tunnel of abyss and something must be done immediately to save the country if you are a Ghanaian that really cares about the country, the future generation, including our children and grandchildren.

Even though I am not a prophet, Ghanaians or readers that like my articles, can give a solid testimony that everything I wrote about Nana Akufo Addo, for ModernGhana news, have taken place, including “Which One Is Easier To Say, Akufo Addo Is Corrupt Or A Thief?

In one of my articles, I said, “Akufo Addo doesn’t deserve to be a president but since desperate people do desperate things, he is going to rig the elections and he will be declared the winner. This is exactly what has happened and if care is not taken history is going to repeat itself.

If Ghanaians are going to wait for the omnipotent invincible God to come down from heaven to help Ghana, that is not going to happen because God helps those that help themselves. One can’t pray each day to win the lotto without staking. You need to do something before winning.

Ghanaians at home and those in the Diaspora view things differently, even though there are many Ghanaians in the Diaspora for a very long time that have lost their culture, heritage, and custom, and, therefore, support many immoral issues forced on us by foreign governments.

The US Government

Even though despite that the US government preaches Democracy, the same government supports and gives aid to corrupt regimes in Africa.

This is one of the reasons Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, has been one of the longest rulers in Africa and since he is enjoying the support of the US government, he was the only African leader who said “Trump is right to call Africa a shit-hole,” those interested can find out for themselves on the internet.

Since 2012, the US government has been promoting homosexuality or gays’ right globally, including sub-Saharan Africa, and has spent more than $41 million, of which $6.6 million was spent on Africa.

Thus; since Ghana is a great and peaceful country, it’s the aim of the US government looking for a leader to bribe for the legalization of homosexuality in the country. They first tried the ex-president, late Evans John Atta-Mills and on religious grounds, rejected the money and their devilish proposal.

Unfortunately, the greedy Akufo Addo who claims he knows God, therefore, wants to build a Cathedral, has fallen for the bait, allowing the LGBT community to have its office in Accra. I want to make it clear to you Mahama that the US government will assist Nana Akufo Addo to be in power or to see the NPP government in power since they know that that the commissioning of the LGBT office wouldn’t have been possible under the NDC government.

Why Mahama must invite all political parties to find a solution

Sir John Mahama, who am I to give an intelligent person like you a piece of advice? Yet still, as a son of Ghana, I speak out. Ghanaians must demonstrate to shut down immediately the offices of the LGBT in Accra immediately.

Since the boss of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah, has no respect for God and Ghana’s constitution, Ghanaians must also demonstrate to remove her from office. She is a very wicked woman who has brought hardships to the common people by giving favour to an inefficient Ghanaian leader who doesn’t know what he is doing.

First, invite all the political parties of Ghana, don’t worry if the NPP boycotts the invitation.

Mahama must bring all political parties to the table, the NPP can boycott that invitation. Then through the experience of former Electoral Commission’s boss, Afari Gyan, three independent candidates that are qualified for the post of the Electoral Commission must be sought.

Then, all the political parties on common grounds must design a plan of how Ghanaians can vote for the three selected independent candidates qualified for that post. The winner will fill the position of the corrupt Jean Mensah.

Ghana shouldn’t allow being overreached by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his devilish plans of destruction. Africa has had enough through slavery, colonial brutality, the Apartheid system of government, and the deliberate spread of diseases by foreign governments, including America, enough is enough.

Columnist: Joel Savage