A letter to the sons of our time

Tuck Son File photo

Wed, 22 May 2019 Source: The Boychild Advocate

Dear Son,

Society today is raising a generation of spineless men. Young men who are socially incompetent to deal with rejection. Souls that do not know when to cut their losses.

Men who look at relationships as investments which must pay back; and not initially simply a cost to socialize with the opposite sex. Indomie, fried rice, Coke and Beer dates that must be "paid" in bed.

Men who would want to be loved by all means, at all costs, including by girls/women who have no feelings for them.

A function of deep low self-esteem.

People who pick up axes and knives because a lady they claim to be in love with is not picking up calls. Murder for Ghc10.

Young men justifying murder, simply because they sent a girl some money (MoMo) and she has refused to reciprocate the affection and come to their house. I do not care if the money was borrowed or was the last coin; No money can buy life, especially of someone you claim to love.

Young men who do not understand that it is bold foolishness to pursue a girl who does not love you with material resources.

Men who cannot live with the fact that money is loved regardless of where it comes from.

Men who are unaware that sometimes girls will string you along, if you are offering money and opportunities even when they are not in love with you.

They need the money, whilst holding on for your tap to dry. Then she will tell you the truth. That is the way it is, especially when you are dealing with someone who is not emotionally committed to you.

Young man, while trying to identify your potential life partner, the world will spit on you. The world will cheat you. You will not be the first, neither the last.

Older men, those who came before you have been on that path. Some of them lost bigger emotional investments than yours. They killed no one.

They bought no axes. They never demanded money back. They walked away, only to meet their true love.

Life cannot end, just because you are not emotionally in tandem with your object of desire.

And when you meet that one woman who loves you with her life, you will begin to understand why you suffered this emotional turmoil all along. That good people are not easy to find.

Dear Son, you are the MAN. How will you lead your family into the future, if your soul is as turbulent as the high seas?

How will you face big challenges in life, if you are emotionally destabilized by a woman for not picking your calls after you bought her Indomie and Coke, or sent her MoMo?

Who will lead the world if you do not know how to handle life's disappointments?

Son, put the axe and the knife down. Drink a glass of cold water. Calm down. Allow the girl to go. You need space to meet the one who was intended for you.

Dear Son, you are dearly loved and cherished!

Columnist: The Boychild Advocate