A looming bloodshed in Anloga, never again !!!

Fri, 4 Feb 2011 Source: Amedume, Godwin Korkuvi

A deep throat high-powered government official, unenthused by recent attempts by some Anlos in government to use Ghana’s security forces to “re-enstool” Mr. Agboba, former Commissioner of Police, as Awomefia of Anlo, has informed us that diabolical plans are afoot to cause mayhem in Anloland. For this to come on the heels of a recent mayhem which resulted in the death of gallant sons and daughters of Anlo is unconscionable to say the least. This political source who did not want his identity to be disclosed for fear of reprisals against his political career has revealed a plot, oiled and greased to outdoor the discredited Mr. Agboba, who apologized at the Ho high court for all the mayhem he had caused in Anlo in the past, this was before he was fined and acquitted.

The plan has been nurtured and advanced and all that remains to be done is the outdooring and installation of Mr. Agboba before the middle of February 2011 in Anloga, Volta Region. Yes, you read right, February 2011. The source also added that the Awadada, Togbui Awusu II may be in agreement. Gone were the days when Togbui Awusu II stood firm to ensure that Anlo Culture and traditions were adhered to. After initial vacillation, according to the source, the Commander of Anlo Forces (in pre-colonial days) finally gave his consent. The source did not tell whether it was arm twisting or what but folks, our Awadada is also on board. Attempts to reach Togbui Awusu II failed as his phone was out of coverage area. We are at a loss whether the Anlo Youth Council, the descendants of the Adzorvia clan, Anlos in the Diasporas are all aware of this impending installation in few weeks. Or as usual they have been out foxed and outwitted by the power brokers, legal and illegal, in this Awomefia saga.

To ensure that this usurpation meets no resistance from the people of Anlo, the strategic plan called for national security apparatus of the Ghana government to deploy military personnel, the police Panta Unit and other security apparatus to Anloga to cow the citizens into total submission with shoot to kill order as the diabolical and illegal installation is rammed down the throats of the citizens of Anlo. This would not be possible but for the powers that be in NDC from Anloland who were hell bent in forcing this installation.

Deep throat forces insist that during the earlier NDC government Mr. Agboba and his cohorts could not get their way due to resistance from the people of Anlo who argued Agboba was not the legitimate heir to the throne; besides, he was also too old. This degenerated into the usual football tossing between the NDC and the NPP until the reputed rogue, Mr. Nyonyo Atitsogbui entered the fray, obliterating the face of the whole institution in Anlo. After NDC lost power to the NPP, the other competitors supported Mr. Lumorvi Nyonyo Atitsogbui, a much younger diabolic individual. His adventurism and support by the Kuffour administration led to chaos and declaration of State of Emergency in Anloga when the abortive installation met unplanned resistance from the citizens. In the process five innocent people lost their lives and scores were wounded when the police, in a characteristic fascist mentality, opened fire on the unarmed and innocent citizens. To date, no compensation has been paid to the victims’ surviving families or any action taken against the perpetrators of this murderous and heinous crime.

The current disturbing news reminds us of the unnecessary loss of lives during the abortive installation of Mr. Lumorvi Nyonyo Atitsogui, who quickly changed his name to Agboada for the purpose. Why should the citizens of Anloland become political football between NDC or NPP ruling governments over a cultural issue of chieftaincy? The NPP government under Kuffour presided over some deaths. Should NDC also allow this wanton but avoidable bloodletting? We call on the Minister of Interior, Dr. Benjamin Kunbour and President Mills, the President of Ghana both lawyers to rein in the security forces. Until the Togobo-Kwawukumey families agree on a candidate, then we all can agree and install an Awomefia. Illegally installing a chief especially when injunctions are in court and judgments have not been rendered is at best foolhardy. We thought President Mills’s fairness as an individual will translate into fairness on law abiding than what transpired under the NPP government.

We are aware that the case is still in court and there have been injunctions. Can’t we wait for the case to be adjudicated or withdrawn from the court with understanding of all the parties (the gates) involved before installation of whomever they may choose? We have lived without Awomefia in peace and tranquility since 1999. Why the rush now with untold and unnecessary deaths and possible injuries? We thought we have competent legal brains in Anloland to address these important issues.

Let us remember that forced installation cannot bring about Agboba’s legitimacy whether or not security forces are used to install or outdoor him. It is improper to think that installation will result in fait accompli in Anloland. The NDC government should not look far beyond its walls in the castle to see what is happening to the GA Mantse’s case. Do we need another in Anloland?

Finally, let the Mills administration remember what happened during President Kwame Nkrumah’s rule in Ghana. The Anloga riots and its subsequent effect on CPP administration in Anloland. It is said “those who do not learn history are condemned by it”. This purported action is an economic and political powder keg in Anloland. The earlier it is diffused the better for NDC, Ghana and the citizens of Anlo. Thank you.

Godwin Korkuvi Amedume

Anlo Progressive Union

Leicester, UK

Columnist: Amedume, Godwin Korkuvi

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